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Thread: Wifi problem still exist in iOS 6

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    Wifi problem still exist in iOS 6

    After upgrading to iOS 6 I found that my device is still facing wifi problem. I am getting this on iPhone 4S. I am not sure about iPhone 5. I am willing to buy one, but if this issue still exist, it is better to stand aside. I thought minor bugs will be fixed by updating. This is some kind of bug with the device itself. I want to know does the same still exist with new iphone.

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    Re: Wifi problem still exist in iOS 6

    There are many threads you can find on apple forums where user had discussed on wifi reception problem of iPhone. This glitch also exists in iPhone 5. I thought the issue was with my connection. The connection usually drops in between. And after reconnecting it use to work fine. It is very irritating if you watch any online movie on the same. Do you use any case on your device? If yes then try to remove that and test. For older edition this things works.

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    Re: Wifi problem still exist in iOS 6

    As already people are facing issue with that buggy Apple Map application this is new thing I saw. I have a iPhone 5. Till today I am using a 3G network which offers quite an awesome speed. But did not tested the wifi.

    I thought this is fine. In older models I had seen the wifi issue. Sometime it is much horrible to connect. It looks this model is not also completely perfect.

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    Re: Wifi problem still exist in iOS 6

    I found an article on web which says that this type of issues can be fixed by adding a manual dns. That means this device cannot collect automatic dns settings. The articles showed quiet high speed internet connectivity once the dns is detected well. That is a bit weird. These are small things and end user has no time to find solution for that. We are already paying a quiet high amount on the device.

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