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Thread: Is it true that iPhone 5 LTE is as fast as WiFi

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    Is it true that iPhone 5 LTE is as fast as WiFi

    At the time of release the iPhone 5 trailer clearly said that the LTE would be much faster compared to wifi. But yet I had not seen any sample. I had seen a video which showed a person testing the same with an application and showed up speed in mbps.

    This was also provided in iPhone 4GB, but I never experienced the speed that assured. It shows that this iPhone has better enhancement. And does enabling LTE always will cause the network chip to perform lower.

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    Re: Is it true that iPhone 5 LTE is as fast as WiFi

    LTE is used in older iPhone also. The chip is designed to provide you a wifi kind of speed on your phone. It works well and offers you a much better option that you cannot find in any device. This entire feature makes the device unique. I had tested LTE, with right plan you can enjoy high speed surfing. On the same hand this is a bit risky for those which have a limited plan. Because on such a high speed setup your limited data usage will be wiped out too soon.

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