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Thread: How to Remote Wipe an Android Device

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    How to Remote Wipe an Android Device

    This is one of the features that Blackberry has. When the phone is lost and it is locked or when the holder changes SIM, it wipes out everything and restore the old factory settings. By this no one can access the phone messages or contacts. Remote Wipe is another technical aspect getting popular day by day.

    This allows you to delete your phone data from remote location. You can install the app login and format your phone completely so that no one can locate your confidential information. Till yet I had not seen this for android.

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    Re: How to Remote Wipe an Android Device

    Android has as support for that. This is the default feature which many does not knows. It is the best option recommended when you rphone is lost. Those who use a customize version of Android will not have the option. And it is much simpler.

    Just go to Google Apps Control Panel. You can login to the web version. Login with your email id and password that you use on the Android device. Go to Settings and then click on Mobile. There is a device tab. Move the mouse there and you can find a device located. Choose it and then click on Remote Wipe. That's all. Your all device settings will be cleared and your phone will be restored to original state.

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    Re: How to Remote Wipe an Android Device

    One thing you forget to mention. A user has to enable to those settings first or else it does not work. Google has provided such an awesome OS with proper security mechanism that people simply ignore. In the same place first you need to enable remote wipe or else it will not work.

    So if you own an android device go on Google App Control Panel and first enable this by ticking on Allow user to Remove Wipe. You can add an email which will send you notification if there are any changes done.

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    Re: How to Remote Wipe an Android Device

    There is tons of security software available on Google Play. You can choose the one which suites your need the best. There is a security tool, at tracker type application which shows you the information on your lost phone. Maximum of this application are paid but yet very helpful and I will recommend you stick with the same. If you go for a nice paid edition it would be much better. There are free trackers available but I am not sure till what extent they really work

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