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Thread: Which is the most secure mobile payment option available?

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    Which is the most secure mobile payment option available?

    Airtel Wallet and Google Wallet are the two services that I had seen so far which offer making payment through mobile phones. I do not have a credit card. Still mobile payment option is not popular in India. There are card swapping machines found already, but it is not easy to locate them all. Debit card is too fine, but somehow there is no popular mobile payment option available. What you guys say?

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    Re: Which is the most secure mobile payment option available?

    That is right. There are no popular mobile payment options available. I too found this a bit complicated. I hope this should be provided by the telecom companies itself.

    So if you do not need to pay the money can stay in your account and through some way you can redeem that. It is not complicated I think in today’s age where internet banking is so common.

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    Re: Which is the most secure mobile payment option available?

    There are tons of cash card that you can try. I am sure no one today trust on mobile payment. But if services are common like what we have for credit card processing, then to some extent we can expect to gain in it. I had tried Google Wallet once. But works with mostly some websites and that too online. There are very rare or almost no shops which accept that money.

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    Re: Which is the most secure mobile payment option available?

    The secure way of making payment is through your debit card. And I do not think mobile payment will be that much easy. But some banks offer you mobile banking application. With that you can transfer money, buy goods, or even pay your bills. That is the only option available. You can contact your bank to find the right application which is going to work in your phone and do discuss on the security.

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