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Thread: Hitman Sniper Challenge crash after loading save games

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    Hitman Sniper Challenge crash after loading save games

    Never thought this game will be so buggy. I downloaded some save game files. It was a forum, and the guy pretends that he finished all the levels. He uploaded all the files and showed the location somewhere in Users folders in Windows directory.

    I did exactly the same. After that the game started crashing. It waits for sometime on the launch screen and then stops.

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge crash after loading save games

    First of all you must not add such files in your system, still if you willing to do, then always backup your original save files. A number of times it is noticed that save games are not compatible with every game. There are certain settings or corrupt file or even viruses which are distributed in this manner. I think you had not taken backup of your old save game. You will need to re-install everything back again.

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge crash after loading save games

    I had downloaded Prototype 2 save game from this forum. It had worked fine. I got everything unlocked. That is the reason you must download stuff from trusted website only, as this forum is already trusted.

    You can restore your game settings back by deleting those files. When you start the game I think you will lose everything and you have to start playing from the first level.

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge crash after loading save games

    It is risky to download and install save game files from anywhere. You might get virus infection. I did a similar mistake recently. A guy has uploaded the save game file for this game and it was some .bin file extension. I never notice that format and downloaded. After extracting there was a virus warning on my screen.

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