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Thread: 5 million iPhone 5 sold in just 3 days

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    5 million iPhone 5 sold in just 3 days

    A news posted by the guardian, reveals that just in 3 days 5 million iPhone 5 are sold out. This looks like a crazy race behind the newest iPhone among consumers. There was great hype before release about its new features and this time expectations from it is really height. Buyers wait outside the store in long queue to get the device which clearly shows the die hard curiosity in getting iPhone 5. Loaded with much enhanced features and new design, iPhone 5 has changed the way how a smartphone should be. Sold on various online store and officially on Apple, you can get a benefit of free shipping. The device is sold for $199 under three contracts provided by AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Here is a glimpse of plan details.


    • Multiple Connection -- $85/mon with unlimited voice minutes & text/mms. The Data usage limit is 1GB and above that is $15 per GB.
    • Single Connection -- $39/mon with 450 free minutes only. Above that you need to pay 45cent per minute with 20cent for sms and 40 for mms. the data usage is charged $20/mon for 300MB and $20 extra for per 300MB.
    • Family Connection -- $69.99/mon with 700 shared minutes. $9.99 for each line and 45cent per minute. Data usage similar to above.

    Click here to get more plan details on iPhone 5

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    Re: 5 million iPhone 5 sold in just 3 days

    That was great sale Apple got this time. iPhone 5 has greated nice impact in smartphone market and I think this is one fo the highest selling phone in the market. There would be other sellers, who will stay quiet for sometime. I waited for iPhone 5 and now willing to get one. I prefer to go for a unlock device. What is the cost of that and from where I can buy it.

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    Re: 5 million iPhone 5 sold in just 3 days

    It looks that iPhone 5 is going to break all older records. Smartphone this time are more competitive giving the best to users. But still I am waiting for people review. What they found great in this device. Soon there will tons of videos on Youtube and other website/forums about this phone. Last time I had seen there was major issue found related to network reception and a bit of battery performance. The phone is hyped with great features.

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    Re: 5 million iPhone 5 sold in just 3 days

    It mostly depends on time. I do not know what people see in iPhone so much. I still has iPhone 4. It has nice touch and features, but to some extent the phone has limitations. I am also using Samsung Galaxy S3 which another smartphone with more things to do.

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