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Thread: ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

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    ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

    ICC T20 begins from Tuesday 18, 2012. I am cricket freak but this time I am quite busy with my work and will need to travel in places. I have an android tablet with me. The places I visit have easy public hotspot. Managing internet connectivity is not a issue. I am looking for an ICC T20 World CUP Android application.

    Which is the best one that can keep me updated with live scores and details? Specially matches of India. The one is on Wednesday 19, 2012 against Afghanistan.

    !!!!Cheer for India -- Let’s bring the T20 World CUP back!!!

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    Re: ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

    There is one application on Google Play and it is free. It is called as T20 World Cup 2012. I had provided the link below. You can open that directly and download it. I like the app as it has a nice interface. It provides you regular cricket updates but there is no video support. I am looking for some application which can provide a small glimpse or highlight of match or some overs. The only reason to recommend this app is best UI.

    Download T20 World Cup 2012 app from Google Play

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    Re: ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

    Just check this one - T20 World Cup by Appndroid. This app has a schedule track feature. This will provide you information on current match scenario. There is a point table that will provide you information about the current score. It is going to have live score update also. Also you can configure push notification in the app to receive some events. But this features are not integrated they are listed as upcoming. Hope this will be provide.

    You can also download anyone of other 5 best Cricket Live score apps for Android from here:

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    Re: ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

    Instead of messing with these apps you can bookmark the official website which will give you live score details? As you said you can arrange internet easily so there will not no issue in opening the pages.

    As the site is optimized for mobile and tablet browsing you can view live score. And compare to them the apps take time to fetch data. One of them is or the official t20 site. That's all. It is also possible to locate match highlights on the same.

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    Re: ICC T20 World Cup Android Application

    Just go on Google Play and type T20 World Cup in the search box. You can find the list of application that are available. It is right you must bookmark the pages. They are updated frequently. There are some LiveTV apps on Google Play which provides free sports channel streaming. We can find the match updates on them also, but for that you need a good internet connection. T20 has just started and let’s see who wins the World Cup in the end.

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