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Thread: Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

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    Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

    In comparison to iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 looks standing more firmly. There is a clear cold war seen on web that mostly tries to deliver the best feature in mobile platform. Galaxy S3 already rocked the market with high performance feature and super cool touch quality. But iPhone moves in its own pace, there is none who can deny popularity of Apple products. So the poll is about what you think. Will Galaxy S3 (Rs.33,000/$599) can be effective against iPhone 5 (expected price $500 to $600).

    The price factor here is one that really matters, and yet there is lot of suspense kept on iPhone price and features. Hope Apple announces it soon, and consumer will determine who wins the race.

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    Re: Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

    From last couple of years, when the first iPhone was released, there is a drastic improvement in smartphone features. Maximum manufacturers tried to give better products with fresh features to keep people engaged. But iPhone has its own place which is not easy for anyone to occupy. Every time a new edition released by Apple has resulted in record sales. That is the fact. I would love to have a device which is smart, durable and classy. Compared to iPhone, Samsung has giving a nice alternative under budget chart. I will not say that Galaxy S3 is superb or much better or lower than iPhone.

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    Re: Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

    Recently I had seen a fan made picture of iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3. The image defines features of upcoming iPhone 5 against S3 mad S3 has a much bigger list. Apple has not officially announced its mobile, so we cannot take any decision from assumptions. You can see the image here: http://forums.techdiscussion.in/show...e-5-officially

    Talking about features, then S3 has more for you. Android platform, with universal connectivity, higher storage space and a bigger screen. All this under a less price (compared to iPhone) makes it a perfect choice.

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    Re: Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

    We must wait for the release first. I had gone through many articles which clearly states that Apple is going to make major changes in its device. It would be thinner and this time we can expect more from the battery. Galaxy S3 and iPhone lies on two different platforms. Android is popular but iOS is exclusive. Both phones have awesome output, but still I will stick with iPhone.

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    Re: Can Samsung Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5

    My vote goes for Samsung. It is better. A big size screen, enough battery power, option for higher storage space and all new features that a smartphone must have. It is a good competitor of iPhone 4S and I do not think it is favorable to compare the same with iPhone 5. The big screen is ideal for surfing.

    It is smooth, 16GB internal storage is better if we consider iPhone 4S, instead of 5 in the comparison list. You may never know what exclusive feature does iPhone 5 will have which is depriving all assumptions.

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