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Thread: What are Pros and Cons of unlocking Android Bootloader

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    What are Pros and Cons of unlocking Android Bootloader

    I have seen many people rooting, installing custom ROMs and unlocking bootloader of their Android based smartphones and Tablet PCs. But as far as i have read about Android and Bootloaders, it is somewhere risky because it is one of the system files, right ?

    So i would like to know what are the Pros and Cons of unlocking Bootloaders ? Can any one tell me ?

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    Re: What are Pros and Cons of unlocking Android Bootloader

    Pros :

    It is sometimes useful to install the ROM of your choice. Usefulness of flash a custom ROM, it is a matter of use where there is something for everyone. It flashes either game (it happens and it is also my case, curiosity etc.). Either by quality, as sometimes customs ROMS are very accomplished graphically speaking or utility (the CyanogenMod ROM) by installing the minimum requirement.

    Having the unlocked bootloader allows us to load any kernel (designed for our terminal, obviously) whether or not approved by company. This brings us advantages, since custom kernels come regularly worked well; some include recovery or modules (overclock, fake dual touch, etc).

    So, conclusion can be made that pros can be only the customizing ROM.

    Cons :

    The unlocking process, despite being very simple, carries risks and definitely voids the warranty of your phone. Only you are responsible for any damage that may occur to your phone, whatever the case. The bootloader is a sequence of instructions that check the terminal hardware, and then load the kernel (kernel) operating system (in our case Android). Normally manufacturers block it so that only approved kernels can load them, leaving out the scene.

    Some major cons you will notice like encryption support might get lost; there are also chances of getting your device permanently damaged. Some applications and key functions (like Bluetooth, radio) might not work properly. And the most important is that your warranty of device gets void.

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