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Thread: Need Power button on Taskbar in Windows 8, Possible ?

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    Need Power button on Taskbar in Windows 8, Possible ?

    My friend told me that we can get power button on taskbar and can access it from there. As I am already using Windows 8 Consumer preview, I too want to get it on my Taskbar. It would be very good to access power button from taskbar. Is it possible to have it in Consumer Preview or required to be RTM?

    I need your help to do it. Please provide some information how can I do that?

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    Re: Need Power button on Taskbar in Windows 8, Possible ?

    Yes you can put the power button on taskbar in Windows 8 Consumer preview as, there is no such necessity of RTM version, because people have already did it and y ou might be knowing Windows 8 RTM is yet not out. There is still a month left for the same. Anyway, once you put power button on taskbar, you can use power button in one click rather than using it in long way. And the best thing is that no installation is required for putting this button on taskbar.

    It is very simple to configure. First you will have to download the zip file from the attachment in this post. Once you extract the file and run .exe file, you will be done. You will get the power button in your taskbar.
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    Re: Need Power button on Taskbar in Windows 8, Possible ?

    If you are really looking for the power button on taskbar of Windows 8, I too recommend you follow the steps mentioned above. Once it gets configured you can pin it to Start Screen, Start Menu & Taskbar as per your wish. If you know the Power Button in Sys Tray, it is exactly similar only the difference is that it resides in Taskbar instead of Sys Tray. And one thing you must notice that this works only in Windows 8 Home Premium and other editions and not in Windows 8 Release Preview.

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    Re: Need Power button on Taskbar in Windows 8, Possible ?

    I have done putting the power button on taskbar of my Windows 8 and everything is working fine.

    One thing I would like to add is you can change the name of button that you are going to keep as power button. By default, it is JumpControl.exe but you can change it to Power or Shut Down or anything else that you like.

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