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Thread: Firefox Aurora, Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta Free Download

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    Firefox Aurora, Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta Free Download

    Firefox Aurora

    Mozilla has launched a dizzying career in your browser Firefox to try to cope with Google Chrome, a rival who is a few steps to reach the second browser in the world market share. As part of this new strategy to accelerate the time in getting new releases, Mozilla has set up a version of its Firefox browser called Aurora that contains new items that could be part of the final version of Firefox 6.

    Without going to the stability of a beta version, this browser is a preliminary version which may contain some bugs that worsen the navigation, but if you follow the steps above Firefox Aurora this would be a very stable browser has a number of enhanced features. The biggest problem of Aurora is that you lose the support of the supplements that we have installed for Firefox which is also often the case with the release of new versions.

    Mozilla has tried to focus on this browser experimental performance and resource consumption of the computer, one of the weaknesses of the latest version of Firefox 5 (and I dare say that Firefox version 4). Specifically, the company said many users will experience a 30% reduction in memory usage. In addition, the program starts quickly experience a significant improvement, which also thank users accustomed to Firefox.

    Another point in which he has worked on Mozilla's developer tools, especially regarding the measurement of resources used and the loading time of websites. Finally, now bookmarks and passwords are automatically synchronized via Sync Firefox. As had happened with Firefox 5, the fact the browser update so fast makes the differences between versions s are reduced to the point that sometimes seem minor updates. Still, it is nice to have the chance to try the new features in Firefox.

    Firefox Aurora present the following:

    1. Greater control over the permissions: users contralateral level of permissions granted to each site, the navigation data, cookies, passwords, or information on geolocation, among others.
    2. Faster boot: simply that, a start-up times smaller browser, users thank you in advance.
    3. Better performance on Linux: Windows not only because man lives, Linux users will have in Firefox June 1 stable and faster version than before.
    4. Better management of plugins: quickly check the browser compatibility of installed plugins from the plugin manager, thanks to plug-tester (does this not have already?).
    5. HTML 5: could not miss the specification to which any browser you want to be late: HTML 5.

    Firefox Aurora is a sort of channel created by Mozilla to allow power users and advanced testing of new versions of the popular browser, which may of course still be unstable. The instrument was designed to strengthen the distribution phase of new releases still defined as temporary, to give an answer, moreover at high frequency with which competing products are updated, such as Google Chrome.

    In this way the feedback is also favored by those who want to experiment with these new versions and help as much as possible the resolution of problems, constraints and bugs found during the operation. For there is an explicit invitation to submit comments and opinions on performance and features to facilitate the work of programmers in the drafting and release of the final versions.

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    Re: Firefox Aurora, Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta Free Download

    Firefox Beta

    Mozilla has released the first beta of Firefox, just days after the official release of the eighth release of the famous browser. The developers claim that this ninth desktop version, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, has improved JavaScript performance. Besides edition computer, Mozilla has also released the beta of Firefox for Android, which according to the Mozilla team offers a "new user experience optimized for tablet can make mobile browsing more intuitive." But first things first.

    The beta of Firefox Desktop(which you can download by clicking on this address ) takes advantage of the new Type Inference feature, integrated into SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine, and it is this feature to speed up browser performance by creating a more efficient code.The first results of benchmarks such as Kraken and V8 show a speed increase of more than 30 percent over the previous version of the browser, as stated by Brian Bondy, an engineer of Firefox. The performance increase is especially noticeable on sites that make heavy use of JavScript, Bondy adds.

    The Mac version of the beta provides support to OS X Lion as well as a graphic style that resembles that of Apple's operating system, also includes support for the horizontal swipe with two fingers, a gesture that allows you to browse web pages, and improves use with multiple monitors.

    The Android version of Firefox beta(this also available by clicking on this link ) is optimized for the tablet, as we anticipated at the beginning of the news. Now the browser to fit the width of the larger screens and allows you to surf full-screen in both portrait and landscape mode (horizontal and vertical). With this new beta you can see the introduction of tabbed browsing, which appear on the left side of the browser as a thumbnail of the page visited. To hide the tabs just a slip of the finger to the left, which will quickly return to full-screen navigation. A new Action Bar allows you to easily reach the options, add-ons, downloads and other features, as well as the keys to go forward, back button and bookmarks.

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    Re: Firefox Aurora, Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta Free Download

    Firefox Nightly

    It seems that Firefox has now picked up the pace and now is able to support the fast release that he set for himself. In fact, just released the latest version is already in the process "Night" and the eighth in "Aurora" the seventh.

    The latter have shown considerable improvements in speed performance: Firefox 7 will be 10% faster than Firefox 5, while the first tests of Firefox already 8 show a further improvement of 10%. Firefox instead of six, now in beta, will be released by mid-August, with a new level of memory usage: is it working for you to reach a 30% reduction of the memory occupied during the voyage. 8 Firefox, now available to download solely for use as a tool for testing on different platforms, will make the browser faster opening, execution of JavaScript and 3D rendering.

    It 'just get Mozilla Firefox version 8 Nightly, the most provisional and unstable builds, but there is already talk of him as a browser capable of bringing revolutionary and the navigation software of the red fox to a much higher evolutionary step. If fact, Firefox 7 focuses on memory consumption, the banner will be the eighth generation of performance.

    A fact proven by tests performed by Extreme Tech: Firefox between five seven is a 10% difference and the eighth version adds an additional 10%. On Windows, then, Firefox 8 would allow a gain of 20% of performance, a figure set to rise further on Mac OS X. Just as is the performance gain as regards the 3D WebGL, while as regards the improvement JavaScript is estimated at around 15%. In short, it's performance that, at least on 2D, 8 superior even to make Firefox Google Chrome 14 , also currently in draft version Dev. The improvements were achieved by adding a new graphics backend Azure, the elimination of Direct2D and Quartz and implementation of methods for direct writing with Direct3D and OpenGL.

    Data may seem theoretical, but practical use of the browser would net the difference, in terms of startup time and general speed of navigation. In the bottom of the article find the link to download Mozilla Firefox 8, but remember that this is a highly unstable version yet, so not recommended unless for purposes of testing and development.

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