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Thread: How can I change Xbox Live Profiles on Windows Phone 7

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    How can I change Xbox Live Profiles on Windows Phone 7

    I am having some issues with my Nokia Lumia 710, already I entered my email and sync contacts on Xbox Live. I am having problem with another Xbox live account and not my main account. Now I am trying to log-out from that account but not succeeding. So I added my email address which serves as the main xbox live account in "Emails and accounts", but nothing happens, and it just sync with the first account.

    Does anybody have any ideas how to resolve these issues? Please help me soon.

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    Re: How can I change Xbox Live Profiles on Windows Phone 7

    According to me, you should reset your phone and that would be only solution. You need to format the phone and put another address. Go to format in the parameter / About / reset factory settings. Because it makes sense, if you change your e-mail address you change profile.

    Anything go missing, after the reset, it is like in the delivery status. In this context, one cannot always sort out the good apps you want to install again. Only the first course, which are set up on the xbox account, so are synced with zune and are probably already on your computer. Apps are only automatically upload all again when you've installed via zune. If you have downloaded zune to your phone via the marketplace, you must manually install it again.

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    Re: How can I change Xbox Live Profiles on Windows Phone 7

    The XBox Live account proves useful many times. Which you created with your XBox 360! Then you can edit your avatar with your mobile; change your profile, etc. The main feature of Windows Phone is not the support for Xbox Live, but you can of HD games such as Assassin's Creed on the Microsoft mobile games.

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