Users can go through the site to buy their license and in return will receive a Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that will analyze the shape, indicate the non-compatible applications and will download upgraded version of Windows 8, which is a step-by-step process.

First it will start by making sure that your PC is ready to install Windows 8. It will provide a complete compatibility report asking you to choose what you want to keep and you will see which editions of Windows 8 will be best suited for your environment. You have to decide which files to keep and the options would be as follow:

  • Windows Settings, personal files, and apps
  • Just personal files
  • Nothing

Suppose you want to keep only personal files, you will have to click on second option and then click on next.

Now these options depend upon the previous versions of Windows that you are using. If you are upgrading Windows 7 or Windows Vista to Windows 8, then you can keep Windows Settings, personal files and apps together. So you will have to click on first option. If you are upgrading from Windows XP, you can only keep the personal files, so in that case you will have to click on second option.

After the downloading is completed, this will hardly take 40 minutes, you will have to purchase the upgrade. One good thing about this package is that it has built-in download manager that permits you to pause and continue your download at any time. So no need to do it at a stretch. You can pause and continue it later.

Once your download is completed, you will get screen having following three options.

  • Install Now
  • Install by creating media
  • Install later from your desktop

You will have to choose appropriately. If you choose to create your individual media, you will be able to create your own bootable USB or .ISO file. You will get following options

  • USB flash drive
  • ISO file

If you are selecting the USB flash drive option, you will have to use flash drive (pen drive) that should be having 3 GB free space. And if you are going to choose ISO file option, you can burn ISO file to DVD which can be used for upgrade and backup purposes.