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Thread: Nexus 7 battery life

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    Nexus 7 battery life

    I am thinking to buy a Google Nexus 7 tablet because I need to travel most of the time and I think Nexus 7 Tab is the perfect device get along. So I am much concerned about its battery life. I want to know how long I can use tablet without charging it ?

    I donít trust in the details provided by the company as I never got appropriate results. So if anyone is having exact details please post here. Also I want to know that is there any way to increase the battery life?

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    Re: Nexus 7 battery life

    Google Nexus 7 tablet is powered with a 4325mAh battery. And it can be used up to 9.5 hours that too if you are watching videos and accessing Internet. This can be the best option when you are travelling.

    As far as increasing battery life is concerned, sadly you cannot increase the battery life practically; the only thing is that you can use it for longer time by utilizing it in proper way. Like if you are not using the GPS or Wi-Fi when you are travelling then close all such applications which consume the battery a lot. You can switch off all these applications by going in Settings where you will find location services. Once this is done, you will automatically able to use the battery to its optimum level.
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    Re: Nexus 7 battery life

    In order to increase your battery life, apart from the tips provided above you can also decrease the brightness of screen which also increases backup time of your battery to little extent. Keep on checking applications that consumes more battery charge and set all such applications to your personal preferences, due to this your battery charge will get saved.

    For all this you will have to study the list showing usage of battery.

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