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Thread: Unable to Fix BSOD on Windows 7

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    Unable to Fix BSOD on Windows 7

    Hey guys, i need some urgent help from you all regarding my System. It is almost a new system, bought 6 months ago. I started getting bluescreens every 5 to 10 minutes 3 months ago. So as my system was under warranty, i called up my vendor to fix it. He checked and re-installed my windows 7 again and went away saying it will be fixed. But yet it was not fixed, again i started getting BSODs after 2 days in the same frequency. This is the error i get in BSODs:

    Next time when technician came, he checked again and changed my RAM as he thought could be faulty. This time also, i started getting BSOD after 2 days but frequency got down. Now i used to get every 2 to 3 hours. Now it is 6 months age of my system, last week i called them again showing the BSOD's screenshots. This time he took away my Motherboard, i dont he sent then for repair or replaced the board and connected again to my system. My system worked fine for 2 days and i was happy thinking that my BOSD is fixed finally.

    But it was not like that, just couple of minutes ago, i again got the same BlueScreen with the same error (shown in the image). Now am sick. What is the cause of this bluescreens ? We already changed the RAM and Motherboard, what else could cause this problem in my system ? My system specs are as follows:

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.9GHz

    Gigabyte G41 board

    Please help me out to fix my BSOD problems.

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    Re: Unable to Fix BSOD on Windows 7

    Well your configurations seems to be OK but as per you have explained your problem, i will like to know which version of Windows Are you using? I mean, is it 32bit or 64bit?

    Am telling this because your processor (2.9GHz) seems to be 64bit processor and if you are running 32bit Windows 7, you are surely going to face such BSOD problems. Just check about this.

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