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Thread: Darksiders 2 Bugs and glitches

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    Darksiders 2 Bugs and glitches

    Developers have really hard to make Darksiders 2, and it is worth. But apart from this I have found some bugs in Darksiders 2, which I have posted over here. I hope that they release some fixes soon.

    • Starting with the save file. Here you are forced to start save file before you can view the menu of options.
    • It takes some time (bit longer) to reload the game. It would have been better if you can kill while searching for different item in that time.
    • You will also find that a setting of vsync is not working properly.
    • Also another bug can be seen while sidestepping. The camera gets turned while sidestepping due to which the players will get annoyed.
    • If you are using mouse (normally most users do) while moving forward, the camera repetitively changes position adding more frustration to the game lovers.
    • And when you are in shop menu for purchasing something, the mouse wheel doesn’t work. So you will have to select by moving mouse or pressing keys.
    • When you make an Aim Mode on, the sensitivity of mouse increases making more difficult to aim then before.
    • While playing the game you will sometimes observe that the shadow of objects is very faint.
    • When changing the controls you are not allowed to replace keys that are used while playing game. If you want to switch two keys you will have to first change one key to something unused before doing the swapping.

    Someone knowing more about the bugs of Darksiders 2 can post here.

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    Re: Darksiders 2 Bugs and glitches

    I have found some more glitches in this game. One bug which also has been observed in its previous version (If you guys remember) as well in this is fixed rate mouse polling. Due to this the speed of mouse gets increased tremendously when the FPS gets low. You can also experience the game freeze for couple of seconds and sometimes make to spin around continuously. Another thing i noticed sometime is that i was not able to disable the gamepad if it is connected to your system, and after connecting it your keyboard and mouse gets disables automatically. So if you want to use keyboard or mouse while playing, you have not to connect gamepad.

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    Re: Darksiders 2 Bugs and glitches

    I am too facing some issues while playing the game and I hope it will get fixed in upcoming patch. Sometimes the audio goes off in midst of game. But I am able to play the game. I got my Possessed Double scythes fully kitted and maxed out. Along with that I am having Fierce Buckler and Fierce Scythes of Frost due to which I am enjoying the game.

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    Re: Darksiders 2 Bugs and glitches

    Instead there are lots of things that need to be fixed. Like you will find it difficult while accessing the map as you has to go to menu every now and then because there are no shortcuts (hotkey) for map. And it becomes more irritating when you keep doing the same things while searching for coins and other rare items.

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