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Thread: Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

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    Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

    I have seen DreamScene on my friends PC who is having Windows Vista running awesome live wallpapers. Now I wanted to install it in my machine whoís OS is Windows 7. I tried to install it as told by friend but I am not able to do it properly. I loved the feature of DreamScene which lets us to set any video in WMV/MPG format as the desktop wallpaper. I have got bored watching the images on desktop and thatís why I want to install it soon.

    Since you guys have helped me in past I thought to take some assistance from you guys.

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    Re: Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

    Itís very easy to install the DreamScene in Windows 7. For installing you will have to follow some simple steps as given below:

    • First you will have to log in as Administrator, if there are two or more users.
    • Then Run the Tool.
    • You will see the Slider in which the DreamScene is currently OFF (by default). You have to click on that slider and then it will display as DreamScene is currently ON.
    • Restart your PC.
    • Then select the video that you want on desktop which should be in WMV/MPG format.
    • Right-click on that video and select the option Set as DreamScene. That video will be set as your desktop wallpaper.

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    Re: Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

    If you are unable to listen sound, one thing you should note that by default an audio will be disabled. For enabling it, you will have to click on Sound icon which is located in system tray (bottom right). After clicking on that, select the mixer. You will see new column in it which is about the Windows DreamScene. At the bottom of it, you will observe that it is Mute by default. Click on it and then you will be able to hear the sounds. Due to which an audio will be played along with the videos.

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    Re: Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

    I would like to recommend to all users who are tired of watching still images on desktop to use Windows DreamScene 7. By using this, you can make your desktop background more sensational than just a fixed picture. You can also select a video, even a slide show of your favorite pictures, as your desktop background.

    And the most beautiful thing about this app is that you can use video that comes by default with Windows DreamScene, or you can select your own video as background of your desktop. You can download Dreamscene 7 from here .

    You can check the installation and how DreamScene works in this video:

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    Re: Unable to activate DreamScene in Windows 7 and Vista

    There are some disadvantages of using the Windows DreamScene. Once you install this, you will observe that your Explorer.exe is consuming huge CPU process (you can check this in task manager). Sometimes updating the BIOS and chipset drivers may lessen your problem. Windows DreamScene also messes up with the desktop icons, especially with the Windows 7.

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