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Thread: Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on steam and crashes

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    Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on steam and crashes

    HI, i need some urgent help from you all. I bought Hitman Sniper Challenge on Steam, installation went fine without any problem but when i tried launching the game first, it started normally but after just few minutes it started giving me error 41. I dont have what is meant by this error so i restarted the game again but still it game me the same error. Now when am trying to launch the game it simply crashes and bring me back to desktop.

    Am now too frustrated and dont know what to do. Can you please help me to fix it this ? All helps will be appreciated. :-[

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on Steam and crashes

    The reason behind any game crashes use to be the graphic drivers. Did you updated all your drivers before installing the game ? If not, do it now and the problem should be fixed. Simply visit your GPU manufacturer site and get it done. If you want the links for the same , here it is:

    Click here to download/update Nvidia Graphic Drivers

    Click here to download/update AMD Graphic Drivers

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on steam and crashes

    Well, thanks for the inof Obama, indeed graphics drivers use to be the first cause of game crashes but there are many more reasons that cause CTD (Crash to Desktop). Let me give some tips to fix these CTDs:

    • First of all disable your Security Suites and Antivirus because they interfere while playing games Online. Special on steam.
    • Second you should try disabling the SLI / Crossfire. Exit the game and turn them Off and restart the game.
    • If still you facing any problem than go to yoiur graphic control panel and turn of one GPU.Try to run the game on just 1 GPU. It works in many cases.

    There are many more workarounds for fixing the Hitman Snipper Challenge Crash to desktop such as disabling V-sync, anti-aliasing and filtering. Also note to kill all background processes before you start playing online or on Steam. Try any or all of these and let me know if you still face the problem. regards.
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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on steam and crashes

    Thanks a lot friend, that really helped me. I tried each and everything you mentioned and now my game doesn't crashes. Also thanks for your suggestions Obama, i updated my Nvidia drivers as well and guess that too helped fixing this error. But there is a problem still remains.

    Though my game is not crashing any more but am still getting the Error 41 with my game. What should be done about this ? Please help, am eagerly waiting to do some sniping. Thanks again.

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    Re: Hitman Sniper Challenge gives Error 41 on steam and crashes

    That is not a big problem buddy. You just need to Verify Game Cache on Steam and the error will disappear in seconds. To do so, follow these steps:

    • Start the Steam, login with your account credentials and click on Library section.
    • Now select Hitman Sniper Challenge, Right click the same and click on Properties.
    • Go to Local Files tab.
    • Here you will find a button named "Verify integrity of game cache", simply click on it.
    • Now wait for few minutes and let steam verify the game cache.

    Once it is done, window will close itself. Now you can restart your game and play it comfortably. There will be no crash and no Error 41. Enjoy!

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