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Thread: How to tether Nokia Lumia Phones

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    How to tether Nokia Lumia Phones

    I am getting frustrated searching way to tether my Lumia 800 . I am having the latest update still no sign of tethering. I just want to do internet sharing, so is there wifi tethering available for my phone? I was told that Nokia will enable tethering from next update but till date no sign of it, otherwise I would have opted for another phones. This is really very annoying. Any help please ?

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    Re: How to tether Nokia Lumia Phones

    I think that you have not updated your phone properly. If you want to use your phone only for Internet Sharing, then recent update will definitely solve your problem. The new feature of latest update will let you to use your phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot (Internet Sharing). Along with that you will get number of other facilities.

    If you are having any issues while Updating Nokia Lumia firmware, then refer to this Article and your issues will be resolved.

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    Re: How to tether Nokia Lumia Phones

    Need some help too. I am having Lumia 800 and I think I have reached near to tethering but not able to do it. The tethering is available but whenever I am trying to activate it, I am not getting any data connection to share. There is nothing wrong with an Internet connection as I am using it regularly. I think that I am having minor issue and need some help from you. Can anyone tell me what exactly I have to do now?

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    Re: How to tether Nokia Lumia Phones

    You can search QR code to get the Network Setup app from Marketplace. In Lumia 800 there is Bing search bar, just tap the search button, and then choose the icon that appears like an eye. Then you can scan a barcode or QR code and be taken to the Internet destination. Another option for you is to connect your Lumia 800 with some Netbook (I did) with WPA2 and then you will find 1 guest connected on your phone. The drawback of this process is that you can use your Netbook for Internet access.

    You cannot tether Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, which can be done in its higher version Lumia 900. But recently I have got news that there’s a firmware available for the Lumia 710 and the Chinese Lumia 800 which will help in tethering. I am not sure when it is getting released but I will update here as soon as I get the link of it. Till then you will have to wait and watch.

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