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    Best Instant Messenger for Computer

    As in other operating systems, there are also very good instant messaging programs. And these come with the same characteristics as any other; have emoticons, webcam support, themes, plug-in, customization, and many others. They are the best instant messenger:

    1. Windows Live Messenger:

    MSN Messenger Service and 'instant messaging program that allows you to instantly communicate with anyone shed for the world, just be connected to the Internet. To use this service you must create a username at to login. Once this quick registration, you can create a list of registered friends simply by searching their name or email address. In recent years the classic MSN has undergone various modifications, as well as that of the name became "Windows Live Messenger." The main link to the file on windows can also install other Microsoft Live services, such as email. The link for Mac version 7.0.2 is the messenger for mac.

    1. You can send messages instantly, either individually or with multiple partners simultaneously in the same window (group chat).
    2. Having a microphone and headphones voice becomes the conversation, making direct calls from a personal computer to another anywhere in the world, all at no cost ("Call" button)
    3. Ability to share files with other users of various kinds
    4. Attractive interface
    5. Check the number of new messages received on a hotmail email
    6. Sympathetic use of emoticons
    7. Good support on site
    8. Also available for Macintosh and Pocket PC

    • Less common than Icq
    • The voice chat and PC-to-phone and give problems if the computer 'firewall-protected

    Windows Live Messenger lets you share files and folders locally with buddies and lets you chat via voice with Yahoo IM users, offers improved security, outbound voice calling, clear video chatting, and integration with other Microsoft tools. The good: Windows Live Messenger lets you share files and folders locally with buddies and lets you chat via voice with Yahoo IM users, offers improved security, outbound voice calling, clear video chatting, and integration with other Microsoft tools. The live file-sharing capabilities and clear video call quality make Windows Live Messenger stand out.

    2. Yahoo Messenger:

    The popular instant messaging clients from Yahoo come to release 11. Yahoo Messenger 11 allows you to invite contacts to Gmail or Hotmail, but also installs software without asking..The wait is over; Yahoo Messenger has released 11 and, finally, a "breath of fresh air" to the famous instant messaging client. Proceed to download the executable from Yahoo, we accept the various toxic Yahoo Messenger 10 after which we proceed to the real application download (24 MB) and, only later, at his installation. First a reminder, remove the checkmarks to checkboxes during installation or you'll end up with the changes...

    The first criticism is that it turns the compulsory installation of the toolbar (if we already have a toolbar on Internet Explorer?). When you reopen Internet Explorer, you will notice a message that says "A strategic site trying to open web content using this program," is the "Yahoo Toolbar" which was installed without any request.. Interesting then the request of Yahoo continues to advise us to change the home page even if we had chosen during installation not to change our search engine.

    Let's talk about the client, an excellent graphical interface, more "Windows Vista and Seven-oriented", we can send to our Yahoo Messenger contacts directly from an email, inviting them to an activity, but also join a contact, if is the same and maybe use Windows Live Messenger. Excellent also the opportunity to challenge our friends who use Yahoo Messenger checkers tournaments, but the question that you want to ask is: "In a world that is becoming more social," this is the new Yahoo Messenger allows you to interact with Facebook, the same thing for Nimbuzz . Nothing to do for Yahoo, nice and small..

    Yahoo Messenger 11 has an excellent graphical interface is simple to use but is "rejected", here are the reasons:
    1. All instant messaging software requires the user whether or not to install a toolbar. Yahoo Messenger is the only one to do this without any installation required..
    2. Completed the installation of Yahoo Messenger, we find that the Internet Explorer home page has changed, although we explicitly specified that we were not willing to do so.
    3. Yahoo Messenger requires the installation is complete if we were interested in changing search engine
    4. Yahoo Messenger 10 allows only the interaction with the Windows Live Messenger, competitors also allow you to interact with Facebook, Twitter and the "Social Web".

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    Re: Best Instant Messenger for Computer

    3. OoVoo:

    OoVoo is in my opinion the best solution today for free via Internet videoconferencing. ooVoo is a new software for free instant messaging with optional text chat, audio and video in the style of Skype but with new features and superior quality. This program has not yet been officially released (expected in next week), but you can download a beta version to start testing its qualities. I was using and the truth that the quality of audio and video are really impressive, even in video conferences between several people. In addition to the functions of chat and video chat already mentioned, has a very interesting video that lets you send messages. It's a very good option to communicate with family, friends or colleagues (or all time).

    With ooVoo, a webcam, microphone and speakers (or headphones) you can do multiple video conferencing, up to six people simultaneously. It also has other functions typical of internet telephony programs As Skype chat and send files. In addition, it is easy to send a video message, recording it and sending it to one or more of your contacts.

    How to use

    First of all go to the site and download the software (if you want to see the Italian site, choose Italian at the top right). There are about 12.6 MB and become 20 once installed. After the installation, you need a custom user By choosing an ooVoo ID (which will be used to call the other), a password . Further improvements are then indicate the email and click "I accept the terms of the contract" to bring up the little button that you click Create, you create the account . At this point you are prompted for the name by which you will be seen (which may be distinct from your note). Finally it comes to personal information (date of birth, location ...), which are optional but can help your friends find you.

    Now you can add contacts if you know their "ID". Just click on the image of the person with the "+", enter the ID and press "Search". If you entered the correct ID, you should find the person sought. You can still click on the name and "View" tab to see your personal information. The person will appear in your window, but you cannot call it until we have accepted. For your part, if anyone adds, there will appear a window by clicking "Add", you accept allowing the person to call you.

    People who have accepted the contact with the photos appear "clear" (not blurred) and an indication of the presence (if any green, blue if away from the computer, red when busy). To call people (who must be connected) click the image of the person and then the green button with the symbol at the bottom of the phone. If the person answers, you will soon colligation ... and visible (both in a new window). ooVoo generally able to self-regulate well the brightness of the window, even in low light. To add a friend to the conference, just "take" from the windows of contacts and "drag" video window.

    4. PalTalk:

    Paltalk Messenger is an instant messaging tool which has over 4000 rooms of public discussion. But you also have the opportunity to engage in conversations one-on-one. Paltalk is an instant messaging client that lets you chat in real time with other users. In addition to the exchange of text messages is possible, using webcam and microphone, see and talk to the contact list. Supports connections to accounts AIM, Yahoo and ICQ contacts to import and use a single client. The software also lets you share files and photos. This release adds new features and smiley’s.

    5. Google Talk:

    Google Talk is a new generation of IM developed by Google that is going to put inside the ball and voice chat programs like the now famous as the new MSN and Skype. Take advantage of VoIP (Voice over IP) that allows you to transmit even with a normal IP voice traffic in real time. This in short means that you will be able to talk from PC to PC and also to open a chat session with your contacts.

    I'd like Google Talk, the instant messaging service that I use more than one year. If you still do not know, it offers the ability to chat, to communicate by voice and send files, all for free. The download is accessible for free at Going on the site that I have pointed out, you can download the software, lightweight (just over 2 MB) and then start to use it after you have registered (free) service with your Gmail account! What? Gmail is Google's free webmail service. You have to register here as well by creating a Gmail account. Both Gmail and Google Talk is a beta version that is to be improved. This means you could create some problems. To me, though, Google Talk works fine, when I talk with my friends the sound is almost perfect. Another nice feature is that when new mail arrives Gmail account, Google Talk comes a warning, but of course the special software must be active. In short, Google Talk will have the convenience of our friends to see who is online, you can chat instantly, to communicate for free with a great sound, always be updated in real time on incoming mail (e-mail might work ...) plus Google Talk does not slow down the operation of the PC, or take up much space. I recommend it highly!

    Google Talk is a downloadable Windows application that enables users to talk or send messages quickly and easily to friends and family. Calls are made through your computer using the latest technology for voice calls, all you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and loudspeaker. If you do not have a speaker or microphone, you should consider buying a hearing aid , which will also provide the best voice quality when using Google Talk. Google Talk is a great way to communicate with friends without leaving the comfort of your computer. Need to make a quick question? Do you want to raise something that email is very complicated to explain? Now you can get good communication with someone immediately without having to use the phone. Even no need to search a phone book. Your Gmail contacts are loaded into Google Talk, so you can send an email, or chat with friends with just a few clicks.

    To use Google Talk, you need Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home Edition or Professional) or Windows Server 2003. You also need a minimum 56k connection Dial-Up, but we recommend a higher bandwidth. To enable the Voice Call Ringtone, you need a microphone and speakers (for optimal voice quality, we recommend using headphones). Google Talk works on any computer with any microphone and speaker in various laptop computers, as well as with any wireless headsets or USB. We have created a list of recommended accessories for the best experience with Google Talk. For now downloading Google Talk clients are not compatible with Macintosh or Linux systems. In the not too distant future we will offer customers support more operating systems. Google Talk also supports basic communication standards, which means that Gmail users can access the Google Talk service and exchange messages using Instant other clients that support XMPP standard protocols, such as Trillian, iChat, Adium and Psi. This allows users to access the Google Talk service from other platforms, including OSX, Linux, and Windows.

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