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Thread: Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

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    Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

    I have downloaded Windows 8 which comes with new Ribbon User Interface in Windows Explorer. I quickly realized that Microsoft has implemented MS Office 2010 style Ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer. I know that it is added in Windows 8 Explorer to make users tasks easier but I don’t like this Ribbon UI and I want to get rid of it. I would love to use old Explorer toolbar back.

    And one more thing, I want to remove Ribbon UI from Windows 8 Explorer without changing Paint and WordPad Apps. Is there any way to do this ?

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    Re: Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

    The following steps can be useful while removing the Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon:

    1. First you will have to open Windows Explorer and then go to drive where you have installed Windows 8. By default, it is C:\. After going in that drive go to C:\Windows\System32 folder.

    2. Once you go into system 32 folder search for file named UIRibbon.dll.

    3. Before proceeding forward, you will have to take an ownership of the file UIRibbon.dll. For taking ownership you will just have to right-click on particular file and then select “take ownership option”.

    4. Then rename UIRibbon.dll file to any other name such as UIRibbon.old or UIRibbon_sys.dll or any other name. There is no restriction for naming it.

    5. Everything is done. After rebooting the system, you will get rid of Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon.

    This method will remove the Ribbon from only Windows 8 Explorer and will not have any effect on Paint, WordPad or any other app. It’s completely harmless to your system and 100% working method.
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    Re: Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

    If you are finding it difficult for removing the Ribbon UI, you can use a free utility which is useful for removing the Ribbon UI just by a single click. For that you will need to download the Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8. If that is not working properly you can also try upgraded version of it. This tool allows you to disable Ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer and prevent your Paint and Wordpad.

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    Re: Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

    Quote Originally Posted by HAASHIM View Post
    And one more thing, I want to remove Ribbon UI from Windows 8 Explorer without changing Paint and WordPad Apps. Is there any way to do this ?
    I really don’t understand why would you like to disable helpful ribbon user interface from windows 8? I think I will recollect its cause and I think it brings many commands within immediate reach. Even I use ribbon UI and I find it more useful by pinning the commands to the quick access toolbar and whenever I don’t need it, I just minimize the ribbon. By doing this one can lessen the space engaged by the ribbon considerably.

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    Re: Disabling Windows 8 Ribbon

    You can minimize the Ribbon too instead of removing it permanently. For minimizing the Ribbon Interface in Windows 8 Explorer, following steps would be helpful.

    • Go to menu of computer configuration.
    • Then select the Administrative Templates
    • In that, select the Windows Components option and then click on Windows Explorer.
    • Later on check on option “Start Windows Explorer with the Ribbon Minimized”.
    • Then restart your machine.

    You will not see the Ribbon interface again in Windows 8 Explorer as it is already in minimized position.

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