Microsoft has unveiled the beta version of its new email service which, over time, replaced Hotmail which is called Outlook, the new Webmail aims to reinvent the messaging. Thus, Microsoft has taken a fundamental turn from Hotmail essentially betting on the interface Metro and social networks. With a simple and uncluttered interface, the new free email service from Microsoft is largely based on the Outlook client in Office 2013. In addition to resume standard messaging features that made the success of Hotmail, Outlook has the feature to synchronize the user's account with a wide range of social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter via Exchange ActiveSync, and enable smooth navigation on any device (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc..). user interface is described by Microsoft as "clean" and "intuitive", and gives more importance to messages and other elements of a mail, such as headers and boxes Research. The company added that no publicity is visible on the interface. While in the inbox your emails come alive with pictures of friends, recent updates or tweets, the possibility of instant chat or make video calls, all with a book addresses up to date, connected to your social networks. The new messaging service also includes the Offices Web Apps (advanced versions of Word, Excel, PowePoint, and OneNote), Skype VoIP solution and integration with SkyDrive cloud hosting platform. This option provides the ability for users to share files whose size is greater than that authorized.

Outlook boasts highlight the messages of users by eliminating intrusive ads like Hotmail, and providing tools to better sort them. This service which is still in preview, is already accessible to users who can create a new, or switch (keeping messages, settings, contacts, etc..) from their Hotmail address or Windows Live existing accounts. A system has been developed to permit you to switch seamlessly from Gmail or any other messaging service.

This new Microsoft messaging allows not only to unify the solutions from providing a similar experience anywhere, but is also positioned as a product that could stop the growth of Gmail.