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Thread: Best free blackberry Apps and Games

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    Best free blackberry Apps and Games

    Blackberry is one of the most popular brands of cell phones of the moment, presenting a strong competition in the market for Smartphone’s, I bring a very good list of some free apps for your BlackBerry, but if these are applications for BlackBerry games looking for some time publish a list of some games for Blackberry Curve 8520, 8900, 9300, Storm, Storm 2, Pearl, Torch 9800, Bold 9700 and etc.

    Pandora Mobile
    With this application you can do the same with the PC version as create new radio stations, listen to the already created, and rate songs and more. Pandora radio is a fully customized by the user to listen to music via stream. The application is given the name of an artist or song and Pandora will create a radio station according to our tastes in music, that is, she is responsible for searching the content according to this first example you gave as the Pandora experts have spent years analyzing the smallest detail of each song to make a very elaborate database (call it Music Genome Project). In principle, the service would have enough to match your musical tastes. You can create up to 100 stations and thus hear a theme or another depending on your mood.

    The Pandora on mobile service is fully integrated with Pandora on the web service so if you already have an account, or radio stations are created you can listen to your Smartphone or IPhone easily. The best thing about Pandora is that you carry with you wherever you go your favorite radio, either in the car, the gym, train, etc. Pandora is available for Android, BlackBerry, IPhone, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile on their official website. Discuss several terminals and include Pandora as an application preinstalled as the Dell Streak, a mixture of terminal Tablet Android Smartphone. All in all a very good option to listen to your favorite artists on your mobile device. You can see if your Smartphone is compatible with the application.

    Neosistec CarFinder
    If a parking often cannot remember where you left your car, you can make a CarFinder Neosistec point on the map using the GPS on your BlackBerry from where I parked it and then find your car when you need the application will guide you to get him. You've parked your car in one shouted own premises or in a big city and do not know anymore where exactly? The CarFinder app is an ingenious solution to this situation. Store after parking just the location (GPS) and download it again if necessary and then follow the compass. Of course you have to confine you, not only yours, but you can use it for hotels, restaurants or other places.

    Mobile Qik
    Qik is an excellent application that lets you stream live video from your BlackBerry via the Internet. Mobile Qik can be very easy to make and receive video calls, video messages. Via UMTS or WLAN live video chats are also possible. The integration of our own contact list allows you an overview of your contacts that are currently available for a video call.


    Boopsie is an application that allows you to find content and articles from various sources such as IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon and more and can be customized with canals and others.

    If you like instant messaging, you'll love Palringo, it's actually very popular on the IPhone and is now available for BlackBerry, it is software that integrates self-Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, etc. Palringo is an excellent multi-platform instant messaging program, perfect if you're looking for a single application to connect to multiple IM clients to chat and maybe using different accounts at the same time. Connect to all your network is easy: just click on the "Add Service" and enter your login information. The interface is essential: it contains a form where you can view the active IM services and to see all your contacts online.

    The special feature of Palringo is that it turns your phone into a sort of walkie talkies. Pressing a button you can record a voice message and send it to your friends. All this and only pay the normal cost of Internet connection offered by your mobile operator. Not only. Palringo also includes a unique ability to give you that very few IM clients: for example, if you have two different Windows Live account you can connect to both simultaneously. Add to Palringo also supports groups, a great way to meet new people with your same interests. What Palringo does not do is allow you to use all the options of the client that you are registered: waiver of emoticons, sounds, wallpapers and so on. In addition, it supports voice chat in real time.

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    Re: Best free blackberry Apps and Games

    We all know that the BlackBerry is an incredible device allows us to keep Which Up with the flood of email which bombards us on a daily basis. This is the primary reason the BlackBerry I’ve become the go to communications device for the business professional. That being said, however, the BlackBerry Also has the Potential to Keep You Entertained DURING your downtime as well. There are many games to download, sorted by different categories and all free for you to get the most out of your Blackberry.

    Armageddon Squadron
    Searching and searching for a long time, finally I found a set of planes worth, this is Armageddon Squadron game for Blackberry, which is also available on many other platforms. Well, as the game is a flight simulator and air combat scenarios will bring us great World War II. We fly one of the best ships of the era, full of weapons. We will carry out different missions, from bombings to direct air combat against other enemy aircraft, as indeed, it has nice graphics and the Gameplay is pretty good.

    Zuminja Game
    Recently I found the game Zuminja for Blackberry, a simple graphics but well made and very good definition. But most important of this game is that is fun and engaging, the object is similar to Bubble Bash Free which we talked a few days ago, but with some changes. Summarize in a nutshell, you should go exploding ninjas of colors to do this you must collect 3 or more of the same color, avoiding these completed the entire circuit.

    Crimsonland - Mobile Massacre
    A man cannot be an army, but it can be a hero. You took the risk to visit this dark planet, although it was known that awaits you. There is no escape; hordes of bloody monsters surround you. It is time to act! This masterpiece 2D arcade that has captured millions of fans around the world returns! This sequel to the well known Crimsonland will take you to hell, where you can organize a memorable expedition. Two game modes will assist you construct your own Great Pyramid of crushed monsters and the character development will turn your hero into a killing machine. Crimsonland: Mobile Massacre is not just a game, it's an injection of pure adrenalin right into your brain! Game Features: - non-stop action - 30 levels, 40 monsters, 30 + skills - rivers of blood and lots of adrenaline - two game modes - Quest and Survival - music shocking - Hall of fame around the world.

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