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Thread: How to install NextToICSROM V1.0 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

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    How to install NextToICSROM V1.0 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

    I have done hundreds of downloads of version 1 in couple of months and now I came to know that version 2 is up with more newer versions of Android & others. I am eager to install NextToICSROM VERSION1.0 Custom ROM on my Galaxy Y S5360. Please tell me how can I do it?

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    Re: How to install NextToICSROM V1.0 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

    Initially you can start by downloading JellyBlastGenED. Then download the JellyBlastSMSFix. You can also use Status bar and panel from V1.0. For doing that download NextToICSRomStatusToggle. Once everything is done, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. You will have to start by rooting your phone. Go to next point, once you root your phone.

    2. Then put the three files in your SD Card and keep in mind that you have not to put this in any folder.

    3. After doing this, switch off your cell phone.

    4. Then press power button+volume up+ home button simultaneously, so that you can go to recovery mode.

    5. For moving up & down you can use the volume keys.

    6. Clear all Data and Cache.

    7. Then select Install zip from sd card.

    8. In that select

    9. Click on Yes

    10. Reboot your phone, once it gets installed.

    11. After booting, media scanning will start and you will have to wait until it gets completed.

    12. Again switch off your cell phone and go to recovery mode, same as step 4. But this time donít clear any data.

    13. Select NextToICS

    14. You will have to Reboot again.

    15. Go to recovery mode one more time and then select NextToICSROM status toggle zip and reboot.

    And then everything is done.
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    Re: How to install NextToICSROM V1.0 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

    I was having an issue while receiving SMS but I have solved it. If you too are unable to receive SMS then Install the mms given of 2.0. And even this is also not working for you then I would suggest you to use old mms.apk.

    The only thing you will have to do is copy pasting mms.apk from attachments into System/app using root explorer, and if you are done with this then set permissions to rwrr and reboot. Your problem will be resolved.

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    Re: How to install NextToICSROM V1.0 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

    Hey guys, Forget about ICS, its time for Jelly Bean.

    How about installing the most recent Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Y? Yeah, thats correct. I have already tested the same on my handset and it is working too good with all features available in Jelly Bean.

    Check out this Step by step tutorial with all reacquired download files. . They have also given video tutorial which will help you to understand the process easily.

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