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Thread: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

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    Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    Hey guys I need some urgent help from you all. I was very excited to play my one of the favorite video game, Prototype 2. Since last 4 hours am trying to install and play Prototype 2 on my system. Actually installation goes fine but when I double click the shortcut icon on Taskbar, it gives me this error message:

    The program can’t start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    And when I click on OK on this message popup, it gives me this:

    Can you guys please help me to fix this? I don’t have any idea what’s wrong. My system specs are Windows 7 Ultimate, 2GB RAM, Intel 2.9GHz Core2Duo processor, Gigabyte G41 mobo. Please help.

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    Re: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    Hello Becham... the error you embedded above is just about DirectX. Did you updated your Dx?

    Well if not, do it and the error will disappear. I updated mine right at the time of installation. You might have also got a window while installing Prototype 2 where it asks you to update your systems DirectX and C++. You should have check both boxes and continue.

    As of now you can update the same manually or simple reinstall the game. dont forget to update directx during installation. Errors will be fixed.

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    Re: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    Thanks a lot for the valuable help friend. I did the same. Uninstalled the game, deleted all its folders from program files, turned on my router and installed it again by checking the boxes for updating directX. Well the game now started. But there is one other problem.

    When i play the game, all cenematic game movies and cut scenes are going great but when it comes to the game, its lagging so much that am getting annoyed even to watch it. Is there any solution for the same ?

    Please help.

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    Re: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    As the game is with high end graphics Are you sure your computer meets the system requirement for Prototype 2? If yes, than for further workaround, check out this troubleshooting guide:

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    Re: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    It's common error. Direct x file is missing, so try to reinstall this component. If this didn't help, find this file in other sources. You could take it from another computer or download from the Then you need to add this file to your root game folder and windows/system32 folder.

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    Re: Prototype 2 unable to start, Error “XINPUT1_3.dll is missing”

    The xinput1_3.dll file is one of many files contained in the DirectX software collection. Since DirectX is utilized by most Windows based games and advanced graphics programs, xinput1_3.dll errors usually show up only when using these programs.

    You could get this file at
    and install Visual C++ framework.

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