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Thread: Unable to buy Prototype 2 from Steam

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    Unable to buy Prototype 2 from Steam

    Did anyone else faced problem while buying Prototype 2 on Steam? I did. When am going to the app page of Prototype 2, there is no button to Buy for me. Strange, don’t know what could be the problem. I refreshed the page many times but yet the same result.

    This dint happened with me in Past, I am with playing steam since long years. Could you guys please help me out in this ?

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    Re: Unable to buy Prototype 2 from Steam

    First I would like to know from which country you are? I mean where are you located? Because this could be the one reason you are unable to see the buy button. Actually the game is though released worldwide for PC on 24th July, but on Steam, it is still available for just few regions that include North, Central and South America. For rest of the countries, it will take few more days for steam users. Hence I guess you are unable to buy.

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    Re: Unable to buy Prototype 2 from Steam

    Thanks a lot for the info mate, I am from Europe but one of my neighbors is playing the game on his system. If it is not released here how he is able to play the same ?

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    Re: Unable to buy Prototype 2 from Steam

    Two things for you Mary Astor, First check if your friend is playing it on Steam. I don’t think he is on steam, he would have bought the game for local PC.

    Second, you can contact with steam and confirm from there itself about the release date of Prototype 2 for your region on Steam.

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