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Thread: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet Review

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    Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet Review

    Today I got a device in my hand called as Eee Pad Transformer. With this Asus Eee Pad, we can say that abstractly Asus hit hard. Further than a touch pad, even though it was among the 1st to integrate SoC Tegra 2 and Android 3.0, it is especially the dock party that confines the concentration very clearly. Imagine for a instant, join together a touch pad and a keyboard dock, offering a hybrid a cross among a touch pad and a netbook ... The challenge was dared at a critical time and the market for Android tablet was yet clearly plagued by control of the famous iPad, and attempts improvement on the manufacturers part, whether on the effectiveness of the product or its ergonomics. Yet this concept has a crazy bet, Asus is disconcerting at first, but ultimately cruel natural...

    First Look:

    Asus has chosen sobriety in contrast with the new Eee Pad Transformer Tf101, to current trends that showcases Glossy coatings, for a very messy while providing grip sometimes hazardous, and that the presence of micro scratches are expected. The company and with the transformation of a very durable ABS plastic unique coating pattern, ensuring optimum grip even when the tablet is held in one hand. Along with the very clean cut material the periphery of the tablet is dressed with aluminum bronze, but this time in a full on party dock. The feeling given by the tablet and keyboard dock demonstrates a beautiful sound, even on the parties generally feeble in the image of cutting the touchpad, see the hinges holding the pad in place.

    Nothing is special to report for the screen quality, contrasts is balanced, glowing colors, brightness powerful enough without causing loss of color, and very good viewing angles. The visibility of a video or a text situation is excellent, just we noticed on the screen of the tablet on loan from Asus, a light leakage and 2 dead pixels. You get to keep a good quality overall even in daylight, it will yet in this case do with the glossy coating of the screen.

    Interface, overlay and personalization of the tablet:

    Here I can say that Asus have not modified interface like other manufacturers, which is already the case with varying degrees of success. The option to stay with the basic interface of Android 3.2 Honeycomb is not overly invasive, the overlays are now and then too heavy to see some ergonomic, we feel sorry that beyond simply have focused on the production of a tablet hybrid, the manufacturer did not see fit to make its own key ... Remember that the addition of a simple widget called My Zine giving access to the photo gallery and video, emails, calendar, weather information or its ebooks, all in the form of newspaper as its name suggests.

    Also the one more part of manufacturer applications called MyNet gives access to DLNA enabled devices, and My Cloud offering an interesting data management. At last, note also the presence of the Polaris Office suite, to make word processing, and Excel or PowerPoint presentation, practice, however, turn relatively very basic, did not however address the face of Other applications of the same type more attractive and functional, especially in terms of editions.

    Transformer Tf101 Feature:

    The best part here is its keyboard dock. Even though the version is not without dock provided, the nonappearance of the keyboard takes a lot of interest in the tablet from Asus, having indeed, much more to stand out from competition. Its power and main benefit is the idea of touch pad that can be transformed at any moment in netbook.

    And yes, I can say that the Eeepad Transformer netbook may seem excessive, the type of interaction there is clearly unlike compared to a real netbook, but, a unit of that type is more than sufficient for a day of note taking, for instance, using an application like Evernote or edit documents with integrated software Polaris Office suite. The handling of the keyboard part is also very easy for such use, the keys have not shot a tendency to sink, and hot keys similar to a laptop like the light, sound, web access etc.. To use the comfort is really appropriate.

    But what is more interesting rather than the comfort of TF 101, is the natural communication, instinctive quickly that there may be between having to use the keyboard, while continuing to interact with the tablet And so touch ... a little there all the strength of the concept developed by Asus. As the first few seconds are sometimes destabilizing, as there is a real smooth action and a real relevance to this type of interactions. The keyboard above can be handy for people cannot really get used to the keyboard, is transformed in addition to choice, thinning really use the tablet in all types of circumstances it is in word processing, web browsing or game situation

    One more amazing part I found in it is the connections and the battery. The dock used with keyboard, say around 15 hours offers real autonomy from 11am-12pm with WiFi enabled and brightness to 80% in mixed use (Internet, mail, game, video and music), which is nevertheless widely enough. Netbooks most autonomous idea for turning around the very large maximum 10 hours. The connector also has an extension with the party dock, with 2 additional USB 2.0 ports and an SDHC slot.

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet Review

    Video & Multimedia:

    Announced with great tornado as a high-powered SoC, the Tegra 2 has yet proven as a great disappointment. As a first time HD video playback was one of the major arguments of this chip, in other words we did not speak exactly the same ... The Tegra 2 cannot read what we "High-Definition." The fault lies with the hardware of the Tegra 2, not the software part as has sometimes been said.

    For the experiment, we did not use the base drive of the Eee Pad Transformer, the reason is that the codecs allowed are far too limited. So we went through two alternative video player qualities and free from the Android Market: MoboPlayer and VitalPlayer. Based both on the FFMPEG library, reading MKV High-Profile in software is taken into account, here are the results of a rip of a trailer HD-DVD, in resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels on the Eee Pad Transformer with these two players (both start to the point):

    • MKV 40 Mbit / s> ultra choppy video, no sound
    • MKV 30 Mbit / s> ultra choppy video, no sound
    • MKV 20 Mbit / s> ultra choppy video, no sound
    • MKV 10 Mbit / s> smooth video, no sound
    • MKV 7 Mbit / s> smooth video, its functional

    UPnP compatibility:

    One of the big benefits of touch pads is the part of UPnP. Broadcasting music on amplifier, stereo or access video from your TV is part of the type of interaction possible, as long as one has DLNA-compatible hardware. Asus also book with the Transformer, the application owner MyNet for accessing DLNA devices on the network. The application is pretty well done, clear enough to provide a grip accessible to all, but we asked, however, very large concerns, refused an application time of 2 to launch our files, only JPEG, and MP3 WMV worked ... Too bad, because the software from Asus was very nicely adapted to the tablet, but the state has remained virtually unusable in this case despite many manipulations, a problem still not corrected by Asus at the moment.

    However, using other applications, keeping uPnP in mind, or the simple uPnPlay is not any problem. Installed on our transformation, we have fun and to test the types of files are compatible when using uPnP network, with an amplifier, a laptop and a TV, noted that the uPnP applications that you use for your tablet mode local server or remain dependent on the software side, so make a cross on the player base, we preferred to select the most efficient applications including video playback and music. Here are the results of the codecs supported in server mode and with local MoboPlayer, VitalPlayer, and the native application Gallery:

    • Video: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV (720p), WMV, AVI, MOV, DivX, XviD, FLV (Moboplayer - VitalPlayer)
    • Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF (Gallery)
    • Music: MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP4, WMA, WAV, AC3 (VitalPlayer)

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet Review

    Modules photos and videosX:

    The Eee Pad Transformer is a reminder with two goals, 5 megapixels and 1.3 megapixels. The benefit of a photo / video sensor on a shelf remains for us to confirm, as smartphones have the ability to develop into real quality camera phones in the image of that offer manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, as a tablet may not claim the same thing.

    Company would do superior to offer video cameras with larger sensors, there is the actual interest of a sensor performance on a shelf, and the 1.3-megapixel resolution still remains very limited in terms of quality and fluidity. The photo part is doing rather well, however, the webcam in average low and the video portion only okay with a blur effect ... If persistent enough to publish short videos on YouTube or posting photos to Facebook or Flickr, n 'not hope to do more, especially away from dark places, the grain becoming ubiquitous in low light conditions.

    Connectors and USB:

    There is a mini-format output, a port of microSD cards, SDHC slot on the dock, and finally 3 USB 2.0 ports. We sought to confirm the compatibility with a wireless mouse that has been completely recognized by the Transform! So as we're at it why not try a USB FAT 32 and NTFS formatted external HDD? Note, however, we did the test once for each device, for the simple reason that the USB connectors of the transformation are very close, result difficult to remove the device once inserted, otherwise irretrievably cause of the break in the long run ...


    The Eee Pad Transformer is certainly the Android touch pad reference at this time. Not so much by the features it offers as a touch pad, but mainly in the use of sparkling concept introduced by Asus. All is not perfect, but it is not the Transformer itself, but a concern inherent in the hardware SoC Tegra 2 is unfortunate part. One more part that made feel sorry are the Asus softwares included with the tablet, and Polaris MyNet Office, are simply subjective and not imposed as relevant real alternatives that can offer the Android Market today in the field of free. MyCloud only comes out with the honors, making its function properly file storage in the cloud. Finally, although we appreciate being able to connect a mouse or an external HDD, the problem of USB connectors remain a brake on which one can definitely not ignore.

    However, rather than these few shadows on the board, Asus Eeepad Transformer TF101 is a true success, particularly as tracking updates from Asus is purely exemplary in the genre.


    • Hybrid concept touch pad / netbook
    • Grip
    • Reactivity of the tablet
    • Keyboard Dock
    • Manufacturing quality
    • Complete connectivity
    • Accepts FAT 32 and NTFS partitions
    • Follow updates to Asus copy
    • Excellent battery life


    • Decoding HD 720p and 1080p limited to base-line
    • Applications integrated with the tablet anecdotal
    • Photo sensor means and webcam
    • USB connectors fragile

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