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Thread: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

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    Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    Google Nexus is out in the market and I know that this is going to kill many other tablets including Kindle Fire. No doubt Kindle is very decent product. But Amazon took a leap by adding Android to KindFire. I had not got chances to use Nexus yet so it might be complicated for me to understand the exact difference between them. Can anyone provide me a better comparison? I like Kindle Fire to some extent. The reason is optimized Android operations system configured for reading purpose. But as I am looking in the markets, it seems like Nexus 7 is rocking the market. Please help me decide which is better among the both so that i can order one for me.

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    Google Nexus 7 Tab is far better in comparison with Kindle. Check a video review so that you can understand how it actually fire. No doubt Kindle fire is good but if you need something additional then you have to go for Nexus. There is no great different in size and design. They have almost same type of look.

    Nexus is a new product so it has more new features running on latest Android operating system Jelly Bean. It gives you a higher resolution display and great output. The processor, hardware and other things are quiet much better on Nexus.

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    I think there is huge difference in both of these devices because Nexus is a Tablet pc while Kindle Fire is an eBook reader. Kindle Fire does not has a camera. And when we talk about the operating system then Nexus has Jelly bean. Does it look comparative to Kindle's customized Gingerbread?

    If you need a device just for reading and basic internet purpose then kindle fire is quiet nice. But Nexus offer you more benefit in web surfing and other output. And as far as I know, you can read ebooks on Nexus as well.

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    Here is a straight comparison. Nexus has 1 GB ram with 16GB storage facility. While Kindle Fire gives you 512mb ram and 8 GB internal storage maximum. Thatís comes to exactly 50% of Nexus 7. Kindle Fire is good for reading but you cannot expect much from it. Kindle Fire is a cool device but lacks in better hardware support. If you love playing games, and viewing HD content then Nexus is quiet best for the same. There are no major changes that you can do in the same.

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    Kindle Fire is good for reading and with a optimized Android OS the device is my favorite. But as Google released Nexus 7, I am bit confused what to buy. One has nice reading experience with all ebook facility that I need, while second offers latest android OS and durable tablet.

    In Kindle Fire there is limitation related to application installation from Google Play while Nexus gives you complete freedom. I had not got chances to see Nexus, but my friend is using Kindle Fire and is quiet better. I had seen video review which showed the touch interface and other stuffs which look better.

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    If we go with the comparison then there are many things which come in way. Kindle Fire is best if you need a device for reading and some apps only. But if you need a android device to play games and multi-media files then going for Nexus is far more better. According to me you must go for Nexus. It is new and comes a bit costlier than Kindle Fire. It is right that there is limitation is Fire and to use different apps you have to root the device

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    Re: Amazon Kindle Fire vs Asus Google Nexus 7

    See in terms of usability Nexus is far much better. You cannot ignore that. Loaded with latest Jellybean you have all options that you need in a tablet pc. I would recommend you that. Nexus along with portability also offers you performance. You can find that in the specification while Kindle is only a reading device or a bit more than that. You can only access apps from Amazon store. There is tons of ebook software available for Nexus also that you can try and have the same reading experience.

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