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Thread: How to stop web browser redirecting

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    How to stop web browser redirecting

    How to block that redirection of website? Whenever I open yahoo or facebook I am landed on some shopping website. I have to refresh the page a number of times to get on yahoo. I had searched on Google and found that this is called a browser redirection. How can I stop this? I checked my start menu to find is some software is related to this. Also I disabled a number of addons from my browser to make it proper. But nothing worked out. Could you guys help me out here ?

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    Re: How to stop web browser redirecting

    This is done by a malware. Whenever you visit a site, or download a toolbar which is infected, the malware enters your system. This will redirect you automatically to another website. To remove that you have to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This is a kind of malware removal tool. Scan your system using this. The software is good and enough capable to block all this type of issues.

    If it does not find any malware in your system then you can try scanning your system in safe mode. For that press F8 on windows restart and run the scan again. You have to check properly before removing files. Ignore those which you think are safer.

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    Re: How to stop web browser redirecting

    I had the same issue. To fix that you must keep windows defender in your system. This is a free antimalware tool by Microsoft. Install this and update the same. The tool keeps an eye on such infection. You can schedule a weekly scan to stay away for such infection. Avoid clicking on any popup or installing add-ons on your browser. This malware are inside your pc because of which they control your surfing. If there is major issue then the last thing you can do is re-installing windows. This will completely wipe out all infection. But do this after taking data backup.

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    Re: How to stop web browser redirecting

    There is one more fix for this. It is called as Spybot search and destroy. You can also install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Window defender.

    Spybot is good software to check your system and locate the malware files. You can simply clean your system with this. There is a immunize button on the tool. Click on it to complete wipe out the problem.

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