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Thread: Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

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    Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

    I have a LG Optimus Elite LS696 phone. I am trying to root the phone to unlock its feature. It looks very tough to do the same. I had seen on YouTube also but there is no traditional layout mentioned here. Does LG provide any kind of official support for the same?

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    Re: Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

    Well friend for that you need the right firmware because if the same is not done well then the phone will be dead permanently. And also remember that it will also avoid the phone warranty.

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    Re: Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

    Rooting will avoid the phone warranty for sure but can also brick your device. Never do that if you do not know how to do it. Rooting process is never simple for old models. To root you have to flash the phone firmware which is installed by the manufacturer. For that you have to download certain files. I am only going to give you the name of those files. You can find the download on Google.

    • The first one is the firmware file. This is the actual root file which is very important. Search for on Google and download.
    • Then the second one is LG-LGNPST12.rar.
    • And last we require is a patch file. This is the flashing tool which will overwrite the phone firmware and unlock it. The name of files is VM696.dll.

    Download these files and then follow the below steps:

    • Enter to download mode in LG Optimus Elite LS696. For that connect the phone to pc via usb cable and then turn it off completely.
    • Once done press the volume up and down button and power button for few seconds unless you see the phone enters to download mode.
    • Now go in Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer > Properties > Device Manager. In that you have to find the actual com port to which the phone is connected. You have to provide this information to the flashing software. You can find the com port number under Ports section.
    • There is a LGE android written over there right click on it and choose properties.
    • Inside port setting you will find advance button where you can see the com port number.
    • Now this is a bit tricky work. You have to turn off the phone and remove the usb connection. You can do that by removing the battery.
    • Again turn the phone on and then connect it to pc.
    • Dial ##3424# and add the com port number here.
    • Launch LGNPST and browse the dll file which I had mentioned above.
    • Then choose the bin and flash file again to root it. Wait for some time.

    If there is no error the phone will be unlocked.
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    Re: Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

    The above mentioned process is correct. But it is risky. I had found those file from web. But what is the guarantee that this will surely work. I am quiet worried about the same. If flash failed then the phone will be dead permanently. So if you are doing the same simply do it on your risk.

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    Re: Can i root LG Optimus Elite LS696

    It is worth giving try. Because rooting allows you to have full control on phone ROM. We are just overwriting the software and you can restore factory settings if you want by the same process. I hope this does not completely wipes out the rom. There is one more way to stay on the safer side. You can keep a full ROM backup of phone. So in case if it fails you can restore it back.

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