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Thread: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

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    GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    HI, i have bit confusion between 2 graphics card and hence need help from you guys to know which card is better amongst GTX 680 and GTX 670?? I am willing to get best one from that. Is there anyone who has used them and can share their experience with me or suggest me something about them??

    FYI, I donít want recommendation of any other card and I just want to know which one is better, Thanks in advance.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    I will suggest you to go with EVGA 680, it appears to be better than GTX 670. I have not yet used the same but I have come across people using it and most of them have appreciated its performance. There is no much difference between the specification and feature of GTX 680 and GTX 670, GTX 680 is a bit costly but it is quite worth. It will perform better than GTX 670 as it is having more CUDA Cores, Base Clock, Boost Clock and Texture Fill Rate.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    I donít think that paying $100 more for GTX 680 will be a better idea as there is really no much difference between the cards. There wonít be much difference between the performances of them as well. I will like to inform you that GTX 680 is more power-efficient than GTX 670, so if you go with it then you will have to upgrade the psu as well.

    If you go with GTX 670 and if at all there is a need for upgrading the psu then you can utilize $100 that you will be saving. With GTX 670 you can do 3-way SLI and is 3D Vision Ready as well.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    Even I will suggest you to go for GTX 670, even though GTX 670 is having less CUDA Cores, Base Clock, Boost Clock and Texture Fill Rate it has been found to be performing better than GTX 680 while overclocking. It is a less power-efficient card as compared to GTX 680 and performs better as well. In future if you want then you can get another GTX 670 and run both in sli as it supports 3-way SLI.

    I think getting GTX 670 will be a better deal, It is as quiet and power-efficient as a GTX 680. You will be able to run all the latest games like Crysis 2, Shogun 2: Total War, DiRT3, Metro 2033 etc with ease.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    I agree to the point there wonít be much difference between the performance of the card but GTX 680 will perform better. GTX 670 seems to be a good deal as you might save $100 but before getting it I will suggest you to go through the user review of the card. I have come across a number of people that GTX 670 fan makes lot of noise, this seem to be a common issue as well.

    Some people have mentioned that it gets overheated quickly as well. On the other hand most user of GTX 680 has appreciated its performance and I have not come across people having issues with its fan and overheating. GTX 670 is surely a better deal but I wonít suggest you the same as there is common fan noise issue with it. If you have any doubt regarding what I have said then you can cross check it.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    GTX 680 is the best card, I have bought it recently and trust me it is working so great. I donít have any issue with it and I can play any latest game as well. I will say that it is the best card I have used by now, even I had planned for getting GTX 670 but like mentioned above there is a common issue with its fan. I really did not wanted to run in to same and thatís the reason I bought GTX 680 and I am not having any regret for paying $100 more.

    GTX 680 is just a great card and work like a charm.

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    I bought the 670 asus dc2. Every card is different! I work with hardware, I re-ball gpu's and I do quite know about their performance. I have my 670 clocked to 1150 and yet still it overclocks itself to 1230mhz! asus has made a really great card out of this chip and I have compared nearly every single one of them.

    but the chance that you will end up with the 670 performing even better then 680. Choose a great design! Go for Twin-frozr or DC2. It is a same chip. with those two cards you will end up with 10-15 degree lower temperatures and that will give you more headroom for overclocking. My 670 from asus eats 680 from evga. Got better fps on most of games. Thank you

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    Re: GeForce GTX 680 vs GeForce GTX 670

    Thanks for the update after so long time Victor... But appreciated.

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