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Thread: Cost of Seagate Backup Plus portable drive

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    Cost of Seagate Backup Plus portable drive

    I want to buy Seagate Backup Plus portable external drive. The cost at my local shop is 7000 something for 500 GB. It looks quite high. Can anyone tell me the exact price? I like the design and look. Also is it beneficial to buy for data backup only. I have around 250 GB of data. i overwrite the same each and every day.

    I need a portable solution that can help me to understand the reliability. It would be risky if I buy a drive which is less reliable. I am sure there are people who purchased and still using the same. Can anyone guide me on the same about the features and information on the same.

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    Re: Cost of Seagate Backup Plus portable drive

    The price for 250 GB is 6000/- and 8000/- for 1TB. I am sure the guy is cheating you. Do not buy it and tell him that at that price you can get 1TB. It is a good external drive you can go for. You can try some other shop. There are lots of changes done in this. The drive gives ready to use performances and better output. The price is fine. What I like is the new design of this Portable drive. It is easy to carry and there are certain color choices that you have. It is just 1.5 cm thick which s quiet good. That makes the drive quiet portable to carry. The drive comes with USB 3.0 interface with high data transfer speed.

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    Re: Cost of Seagate Backup Plus portable drive

    You can buy it. But it is right that the price which is mentioned is not right. I had found that 500GB comes for Rs.5,600. And above that means the guy is trying to get more money from you. For Rs. 7,700 you can get 1tb easily. With USB 3.0 interface you can get transfer ratio @ gbps. The white LED on the front side gives you easy way to understand that the drive is in use.

    The speed that I find is around 110mbps. That is quiet high to transfer big files at a single time. I hope the speed that is mentioned much work. i am happy with the specification provided to it.

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    Re: Cost of Seagate Backup Plus portable drive

    As far as I know it is capable of giving you 117mbps on USB 2.0 interface. That means you can transfer a 700mb file within 10 seconds. But on usb 3.0 interface the specs doubles or even it is higher. Buy it, it is good for backup stuff, but do not go for the price. Visit Seagate official website. You can order that online, and the same will be delivered to you. There is a back up suite I think with this drive. It comes preinstalled in the drive. There is a dashboard support on it which can make your backup quiet easy. It has pretty good design and nice with features.

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