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Thread: how to find that my yahoo account is hacked or not

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    how to find that my yahoo account is hacked or not

    Can anyone tell me how can i find that my yahoo account is hacked or not. there were news recently that someone had attacked yahoo and hacked millions of account. yahoo has not provided any information on the same, nor they had told to change password. can in know that my account is hacked or not. is there a way to find that i am secure or not. i need help on the same. please can anyone tell how to find that my account is affected or not and what yahoo is doing on it.

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    Re: how to find that my yahoo account is hacked or not

    yes there was a news and yahoo has clearly confirmed that the site was hacked. its database was hacked many users email address is acquired. there were around 4 lakh accounts which were affected. but this has affected to those who are using yahoo voip service. if you are not using the same then you are safer. buy voip usually people call to other through yahoo. i do not know how hackers find a way to get in and access the data. yahoo must keep a watch on this kind of vulnerabilities. because in this way confidential information is leaked outside.

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    Re: how to find that my yahoo account is hacked or not

    More than 4lakh 50 thousand accounts were affected. And till yet there is no confirmation provided that this has been restored or not. The same has happened with twitter also. I do not know what these guys are doing. They must keep their server secure so that regular users can use these services.

    It looks that the hackers only want email accounts which might be used for spamming. you must change your password instantly so that you are not again affected. Hackers had gain access to yahoo database. Fortunately they had not done any major damage.

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    Re: how to find that my yahoo account is hacked or not

    This might be the first time yahoo accounts have been compromise. Do not keep simple password as they are the most vulnerable. There are different types of attacks on web which can guess s the same easily.
    i think the service is restored and affected accounts are notified to change password. if you had not done the same you must do that instantly.

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