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Thread: why ssd's are still so costly compared to regular hdd

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    why ssd's are still so costly compared to regular hdd

    one thing still i am not able to understand, why ssds are so costly. i had tried to buy a 120gb drive that cost me the price of 1tb regular hard drive. aren't there any manufacturer who is trying to release a cheaper model in it. i am sure this is not going get cheaper soon. recently hard drive price has rises quiet high. but now the same is coming at balance. i want to find some info related to ssd. will there be any manufacturer in coming future who sell ssds' at the same rate we get regular hard drives.

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    Re: why ssd's are still so costly compared to regular hdd

    it is right that ssds are still today quiet costly. the reason is make. ssd's are capable of giving you amazing performance. for a guy who works on graphics can need this kind of hardware. it is recommended to use on high-performance systems. but today if one plan to upgrade his existing drive to ssd then he might get a big bill. it is correct tha still today SSDs expensive.

    if compare the price of same with regular drive hard then we are getting less storage space and high price. there are very less manufacturer you are working on this technology. you might need to wait and find when the price can come down.

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    Re: why ssd's are still so costly compared to regular hdd

    SSD's work on different kind of hardware. That is the reason why they are costly. There are neither moving parts nor there are any things that needed to upgrade. Maximum apple products come with ssd drive only.

    That is the reason the performance provided in Mac system is much higher. ssd are costly because they need more time in manufacturing. They are not made instantly. Compared to regular drives ssds need special machine to perform. But performance point of view they are far better.

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    Re: why ssd's are still so costly compared to regular hdd

    SSD are better. I had installed operating system on ssd partition and the same work like charm. There is no need to add any extra ram. ssd drives does not work like classic hard drive. There are no mechanical parts in it so there is risk of getting damaged. They are made on flash chips and so they work faster. The maximum ssd size that we can find is 256GB. New technology is always costly.

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