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Thread: Windows theme for Andriod phone

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    Windows theme for Andriod phone

    I am looking for windows theme for android phone. The current interface is fine, but it looks a bit outdated. Can anyone guide me about the same from where can i download a simple themes for andriod platform. I am not able to locate any apk files on the same. i had seen on Google play also, but they are charging for the same. there are some forums which provide theme downloads, but it looks bit unstable. the same i had seen on torrents also. from where can in find simple windows themes for android phones.

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    Re: Windows theme for Andriod phone

    go on Google play. there are ample of similar themes on it. launch Google play and in the search box type windows theme. there are launchers like windows 7 lo launcher, my windows go, etc. this are stable and easy to use. there many themes you can download and install in your system. windows interface looks poor on android, but still you can test the same. There are relatively less users who take this type of steps to customize android smartphone. But you must know that it can be very beneficial. there are some themes that i had mentioned above. this will bring new features to your phone, and allow you to custom the same in more appropriate way.

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    Re: Windows theme for Andriod phone

    check the following link i had provided below. what i like about Android phone that it provides a quiet large number of customization options. this had yet not noticed with any other operation system. the best part of using android s s that with many several programs related to theme manager you can install and even build you own theme. the link that in mentioned below has long list of themes. the link below also gives you windows 8 themes. they entire change the interface with icons and other kind of features.

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    Re: Windows theme for Andriod phone

    If your phone is a low range phone then best avoid it. One thing that I will advise you to use is go for ios convertor type theme instead of android. It is not complicated to add themes in android phones. There are ready made themes easy to install. I am not talking about windows theme here. The first that I liked is Go Launcher EX. this is one of the most popular theme app which is available in Google play. It gives you comprehensive interface with very nice and 3D effects. There is other many new features added which includes context menus, gesture command, etc.

    And if you love to have 3D then you must check for SPB Shell 3D. This provides you lots of different interface on android phone.

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