The war in the north wants the already quite numerous video game conversions enrich the fabric of JRR Tolkien's fantasy classic to another title. Much like the story of Frodo and Co. is also the action role-playing on friendship, but it sees itself primarily as a co-op adventure for up to three players. Alternatively, accompanied by computer-controlled combatants, it is the Orkscharen of Sauron's henchmen Agandaur fight back. This results primarily combat-oriented game is a trio from Elbenmagierin, human ranger and dwarf warriors in the north of Middle Earth, while in parallel the play from the books and movies-known story about the ring of power.

To the strong franchise is knowing The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north aware of proximity to the famous novel and film material. Not only does the story Tolkien fans to one more story from Middle-earth, enriched in some well-known characters have cameos. The mixed trio recalls - apart from a sexual deviation - hardly randomly at Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Equipped with a threesome and each with its own special abilities and qualities, it is in many battles against varied locations in the lesser-known part of Middle-earth against Orc after Orc outnumbered outnumbered. The fights and combos go well out of hand right away and make fun.

Especially in cooperative play with two friends developed The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north offers plenty of action and its potential. Also plentiful are the purchase and collectible arms, armor and items in the game, which can also be combined with powerful sets. More complete classic role-playing elements such as experience points, level rises and talent trees provide between battles for a short breather and prepare typical for the genre before the next battle.

As much as The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north will benefit from the charm of the cult series, the characters are not beyond its status as a poor imitation of their idols from the southern climes of Middle-earth. These are found in the game again but partly also, unfortunately, not been put to music by her usual voice actors, so that the guest appearances to lose touch. Must atone in The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north but mainly solo player - and for the sometimes silly behavior of the AI companion. These turn out to be not uncommon as unhelpful and instead use their special abilities rather juxtapositions of standard attacks. As well, players cannot remedy the situation, because the change between the three characters is not possible during the fight.

Variety lacks the battles not only between the characters, but also in general. All too quickly the first run fun, catchy struggles to blunt Schnetzeleien. Much more happens in The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north also, for the reason that the hose lienaren levels the hero-trio is simply hounded opponents horde after horde of enemies on your neck. For variety, the title provides only for the scenes, but these sets with muddy textures and for a few details surrounding the not too nice.

The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north poses some potential uses but not consistently enough. The action-packed battles are fun, playful manner and lack the ailing fellow-KI, however, these dim. In co-op game with three The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north but certainly a worthwhile title for entertaining action.