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Thread: Need help Modding Power Mac G5

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    Need help Modding Power Mac G5

    Hey guys, need some help. Just got the Power Mac G5. I am writing this thread here because I need bit help modding the same. Well this is my first Mac Pc and I would love to mod it myself. I really donít have any clue about what exactly should I do with this machine. Well I am planning to have original motherboard to atx headers and ATX PSU. May be a the 570. So what else you guys can suggest me here ? Is there any one here can help me with this ? :

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    Re: Need help Modding Power Mac G5

    Hey buddy, even i had something very similar to you. I am also planning to mod my Mac g5 but the problem is that there is no space left for the PSU in the cabinet. And i am also planning to install a water cooler in the machine so that it could be fully water-cooled. So is there anyone here had pre modded there G5 can help me where to mount ? I am also getting the micro ATX motherboard and the core i7, so any help on this issue will be appreciated.

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    Re: Need help Modding Power Mac G5

    I have bit knowledge about water cooling and hence what i can suggest you is to put the watercooling out of the case for the rad and reservoir. You can place the water-cooling inside if you throw the in-case boxing in you rig, As far as the PSU is concern I have some spacing problem with that as well. There are two option that you can do:

    Just remove the internals of the power supply and put the existing G5 power supply that can help you perhaps.
    And another is all you have to create another compartment in the end of the case.

    Both the technique looks fine but in the second technique you need to use PSU bracket . You have to make the extension for the power cord and the supply it from the back of the case in the hole. But there is an issue that I faced with the fan in the PSU , I had to cut off the vent as my PSU Fan was on the fan back side and not on the top so the wire were blocking the flow of are to intake.

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    Re: Need help Modding Power Mac G5

    I was planning to build the Micro-ATX or ATX motherboard into a Powermac G5 Case. I haven't ordered the case yet but what i am planning is to remove the standoffs from the case and after that place the motherboard Tray. But the problem here is am not so experienced with this hence i would obviously like to avoid cutting any metal. While searching for the same on web I found an article mentioned to use convertors from the motherboard to the case so that it will allow to use the ports on the front and back. To be frank that seems pretty working. I donít want an extreme modding. Do you people here like to share your experience on this?

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    Re: Need help Modding Power Mac G5

    What is this converters that you are talking about , I have never heard of it but I doubt that modding can be done without cutting any metal because while modding the G5 you need cutting metal. Well I suggest that make a hole on the back, leave it opened. Nobody will stare behind your PC OR else you can buy a new pre modded g5 case .

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