In the action game Batman - Arkham City, it goes back to Bruce Wayne along with bat costume in the prison mental hospital Arkham. This is since the events of its predecessor, Batman - Arkham Asylum under the new leadership of Professor Hugo Strange has grown from a fairly straightforward Island to an enclosed part of Gotham City. And that's where the strange Professor Batman has shipped, which raises some questions it over from Batman - Arkham City is to be clarified.

Beats in the dark, free walk-city district in the comic book hero by using the known from the previous free-flow control by about numbers of villains to some famous adversaries, completed numerous main and side missions, solves numerous little to tricky puzzles, and - of course Do not miss - uses a variety of cool gadgets, whose name is usually with the prefix "bat" to begin.

Like the highly acclaimed predecessor, feels Batman - Arkham City from the first minute like a real Batman blockbuster at the cinema - not least thanks to strong graphics engine, atmospheric music and great speakers of consistently strong characters. Thus mediated Batman - Arkham City is a great Batman-feeling: the atmosphere in inhabited exclusively by criminals, prison town repressively dense, which offers the course of the game alive ending gadget arsenal varied and clever ways and Batman rejoins acrobatics with grace and heroic superiority with too human vulnerability.

The free-flow combat system in Batman Arkham City lets the protagonists slip spectacular from attack to attack, offered for example in armed opponents only a short time window for the right lock - so the person stays in the hero costume man standing thanks to his Bat-gadgets useful a number of possibilities for the secret killing enemies, given the opponent are often outnumbered the preferable solution over direct confrontation. The choice of approach leaves Batman - Arkham City, although in spite of the many ways always the player.

In addition to the exciting narrated, application-rich main story of the prison city offers numerous side quests, some sections in the role of Catwoman - at least for first-time buyers, as all others need to buy that part of the game via DLC - and hundreds of hidden riddler, already the predecessor have given a few hours also challenge the guy out. In addition, all collected together his adventure Batman gadgets and upgrades in the "New Game Plus" mode once again under new conditions and with greater difficulty or face a series of special challenges in the near or stealth combat.

Batman - Arkham City wants to present itself as the perfect Batman experience and stumbles a bit on his big ambitions. The many well-known villains and dramatic moments of the story seem at times almost as briefly touched on before it goes to the next. Remains through the narrative a little story potential on the track, especially since this is hardly involved in the game itself, when the hero of quasi-scene by proposing to cut scene. In other places to be Batman - Arkham City, however, too much time: The introduction comes in the game mechanics for some beginners maybe a little late, as one of the great strengths of the title, namely its large selection of options. Loosening fun as the Scarecrow in the dream sequences offered predecessor, there is in Batman - Arkham City is not.

In sum, Batman - Arkham City is games that have become blockbusters with cutting denser atmosphere and impeccable technical implementation. Playfully located between catchy and complex and cleverly equipped with a large scale for tens of hours of play. The criticisms are mostly not fully played out strengths because real shortcomings so that Batman - Arkham City is a competitive game for any Batman or action fan eventually and live out the probably the best opportunity, the old childhood dream of a superhero existence with adult seriousness.