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Thread: What is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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    What is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

    I have Adobe Photoshop CS4, last night while working on Photoshop I have got message to update Adobe Photoshop CS5 to Adobe Photoshop CS6. So before doing update I need to know what are new features available in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and what are the main disadvantage of this version. Thanks in advance…

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    Re: What is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 is pretty good compared to its earlier versions. The number of new options are impressive and there are a lot of improvements. There are new filters and especially the 'move content-aware "of subjects in a photo is interesting to work with. I think you should update to CS6 version because with this you will get lots of new functions and features.

    If we talk about new features and function of Adobe Photoshop CS6., first of all Adobe Photoshop CS6 is with improved appearance. The interface of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is darker than CS5 , although you can customize the interface if it looks too dark. Go to Preferences and then Interface. Also see the buttons are all beautiful and there are clear menus that display options per filter or tool.

    There are a large number of improved filters as well. There is a wonderful 'oil paint' (oil) filter added, giving you an instant photo of each painting . The effect is beautiful and also wishes to adapt. Now you simply drop the effect on a photo. An important new filter concerns of Adaptive Wide Angle. It adjusts the angles of a composition, a picture with a wide lens (or a fisheye effect) have taken. The new options for blurring (blur) deserve some extra attention. In this version your get a circle on the screen to the area around it to fade. This feature is great when you want to give extra attention to a part in the photo. On the right of the screen until you are comfortable with the variables of the filter. The 'Tilt Shift' blur is a pleasure to work with. Photoshop in this variant blurs everything except a strip in the middle of the picture, the effect of generating a model (the object appears to be a model).

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    Re: What is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

    The tools for retouching and repairing are greatly improved. These tools work well when you get a spot on a photograph or an unwanted reflection in water to remove. Check especially "Content-Aware" with the use of this tool, because the results are splendid. Photoshop CS6 retouches spots now with information from the surrounding area. The Content-Aware option is truly impressive. You can now easily cut from a part of a background to these places elsewhere. Adobe Photoshop CS6 magically transports the object to another place and fills the border with visual content of the background. The RAW images are control more powerfully, Adobe Photoshop CS6 has the functions for importing raw images is greatly improved. With Camera Raw 7.0 you have even more control over colors, shadows and lighting. Photos so that you import from a camera set you up with a rainbow of variables.

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