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Thread: AMD fx 8120 8 core OR Intel i5 2500k

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    AMD fx 8120 8 core OR Intel i5 2500k

    I am buying new pc parts to assemble a new PC for one of my cousin. He already has one but that is now too old, running on Intel P4 and all low configuration. Now from last 2 months he is facing many problems with that old system hence am planning to upgrade it with new components. But now the problem is am stuck in choosing processor for the same. Am confused between Intel and AMD processors. So i need you guys help regarding the same. Can you all please let me know which one of these has more CPU power and more graphical support because I don’t want upgrade this system in next 4-5 years.

    Actually am planning to go either with Intel core i5 2500K OR AMD FX 8120 8 core CPU. I want to know detailed specification of both. Also help me decide which one should i buy among this (please consider the budegt as well). Thank You !

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    Re: AMD fx 8120 8 core OR Intel i5 2500k

    You have chosen the best two available in the market today. Good. I think both CPU are same in overall performance. But AMD FX 8120 has little Bit More power consumption as compare to Intel Core i5. I have used both of these CPUs and dint found much difference in their performance apart from the power consumption as i said. But as you said to let you decide any one of these, i will obviously suggest you to go with Intel i5 because Intel products are obviously better than AMD or any other manufacturers. Its resale value is also pretty good compared to AMD's FX 8120. AMD has 8 Core and Intel has 4 Core but performance wise both are same.

    Lets have a look on their specifications individually....

    Intel Core i5 2500K:

    • Clock Speed: 3.3 GHz
    • Number of Cores: 4
    • Number of Threads: 4
    • Intel® Smart Cache: 6 MB
    • Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type): 32 GB
    • Memory Types: DDR3-1066/1333 with 2 Slot
    • Max Memory Bandwidth: 21 GB/s
    • PCI Express Revision: 2.0

    AMD FX 8120:

    • Turbo frequency: 3400 MHz (8 cores), 4000 MHz (4 cores)
    • Bus speed: 2600 MHz 16-bit Hyper Transport
    • Number of cores: 8
    • The number of threads: 8
    • Level 1 cache size: 4 x 64 KB and 8 x 16 KB
    • Level 2 cache size: 4 x 2 MB
    • Level 3 cache size: 8 MB

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    Re: AMD fx 8120 8 core OR Intel i5 2500k

    When we are comparing Different CPU for Specific person then it depends upon the person what kind of work he has? What software and OS he wanted to Use? How much money he wanted to spend for it? Many more things. But when we discuss about AMD FX 8120 and Intel 2500K both are same in performance but just AMD has 8 Cores which is better for multitasking but consumes more power and create more heat. So, if you want to use it, you will require some good quality PSU. But if concerning gaming and graphical task Intel is best. AMD has included many new technologies in this CPU such as Advanced Bit Manipulation, Advanced Vector Extensions, AMD64 technology, Virtualization technology, Turbo Core 2.0 technology, Enhanced Virus Protection, etc. So I as my experience I brought AMD FX 8120.

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    Re: AMD fx 8120 8 core OR Intel i5 2500k

    I am using Intel i5, trust me its too good. Working awesome and has super performance and speed. It was technicians choice that led me buy i5. It has turbo request technology 2.0 which helps to use maximum amount of CPU. It has virtualization technology which Increasing manageability, security, and flexibility for user. There are many that kind of features and technology that helps you in your day to day work if you are a hardcore user. So go for Intel Core i5 it has less number of cores but better power than other.

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