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Thread: No Older Extensions/Add-ons are working with Firefox 13

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    No Older Extensions/Add-ons are working with Firefox 13

    I was using Firefox 11 browser and recently upgraded it to Firefox 13 (the day when it got released).All of a sudden after updating to FF 11, all my Add-ons stopped working. I really don’t know what to do now. What exactly the problem is? Is this new version not compatible with all those Add-ons or mozilla released Firefox 13 with out any add-ons ? Please let me know as I just cannot work without the add-ons i was using with earlier version. Please help me in any way.

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    Re: No Older Extensions/Add-ons are working with Firefox 13

    You don’t have to panic for this as whenever you update to the new version of Firefox all the add-ons that are not compatible with the new version or else all the add-ons that are installed by the other programs are turned off automatically by the Firefox during installation itself. Since the version of browser you’re using is new, add-on developers don’t get that chance to update their add-ons for your new browser.

    Now you can force the installation of the same version of add-ons or else you can check if the update is available for the same add-ons. If you want to force the installation then download the add-on nifty tester tool. This is an add-on which will make all your add-ons which are not compatible with the new Firefox version work. Hope this helps you.

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    Re: No Older Extensions/Add-ons are working with Firefox 13

    As this browser is just launched, add-on developers need some time to make their existing add-ons compatible with the browser or they need time to make new add-ons for the same. Also as you are the firefox user, you might be knowing that Mozilla has launched Firefox 13 before the actual release date of the same. So such problems are obvious.

    But now as its been more than a week launching the browser, I guess updated add-ons should have been made available for the same. You should try searching them manually. To do this, just follow these steps:

    • Click on “Tools” from the menu bar and then click on “Add-ons”. Now the add-ons manager Tab will open. You can do the same by clicking (ctrl+shift+A).
    • You will find an icon for drop down list at the right hand top of the screen besides the “Search all add-ons” space.
    • Click that icon and select “Check for updates”; if there are updates available then they will be downloaded automatically by the Firefox.
    • Click “Restart now to complete Installation” link and your add-ons will be installed.

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