Apple has officially launched the next version operating system for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 6. The brand new iOS 6 Beta has been launched and now available only for Developers, users will get their hands on this OS after few more months. Users willing to get iOS 6 must have iPhone 3GS or higher device. As Apple always use to reveal many new features with its every update, this time they have introduced more than 200 new features and improvements with iOS 6. Lets have a look at the top best features unveiled with new iOS 6 operating system:

1. New Siri

Siri was the major enhancement made by Apple in iOS 5 that resulted in the huge sales of the new iPhones last year. This time they have presented a new Siri with many new features. First improvement made in Siri is it is now made available for iPads as well. Other than this users can now do lots more using the new Siri app such as they can check sports scores, you can check movie times, movies reviews and more with IMDB and book tickets with Fandango, make restaurant reservations using Yelp information and OpenTable. Furthermore Siri now understand more languages from around the world including French Canadian, Spanish, Mexico, US English, Italian, German, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese in China. As it is smarter than before, you can also launch any apps from your iPhone by just speaking the name of the app.

2. New Maps with Turn-by-turn navigation

Apple’s new map with turn-by-turn voice navigation beats even Nokia maps, Google Maps as well as any other 3rd party maps. There are thousands of new functionalities along the way. The new 3D maps will offer all traffic information with turn-by-turn navigation that can be easily controlled by Siri. You just need to ask to Sir if you have reached the destination, and if you are not, Siri will reply you with the estimated arrival time.This turn by turn navigation system was seens in Google Android for a while, and apple has made the new Map in very similar way Google does.

3. Facebook integration

If you remember the twitter integration done in iOS 5, now with iOS 6 this could be the best ever Facebook Integration done in any mobile device. You can now
sign in directly and start posting updates, photos, locations, URLs from the Notification Center on any iOS 6 running devices. You no more need to go to facebook application to write a new status update Even the new Siri helps you doing the same with just a Voice command. It is now also integrated in the App store or iTunes where you can directly LIKE any application or games. Thew new Tap to Post (to Facebook) is said to be extend as far as Siri and Apple Calendar app.

4. Brand New Safari Browser

The major enhancement done in new Safari with iOS 6 is its ability to allow you reading in Offline mode. It synchronizes the pages withiCloud that you marked to read later while being Offline. Other improvements done in the browser is the photo sharing integration with website that allows you to upload photos to websites with just a click. It also allows Fullscreen in the landscape mode.

5. Passbook

It is one of the newest applications introduced with the iOS 6. It is similar to the Barcode Reader apps we found on Android but consists lots more than those apps. You don’t need to search any app, than search for Barcodes or QR Codes, than scan it. With passport, you get a new single-point interface for scanning and displaying passes at the same time. In other words, it can also be called Apple's new e-tickets application. Apple has now made it very simple for users by combining tickets and loyalty cards all in one user friendly app. You can carry electronic tickets for anything along with you and Passbook will display real-time notifications.