I know am bit late to post this patch, but i guess there would be many people who may need it now as i did. If you are one in need of Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Patch, get it now from the below Direct Download URLs:

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Retail Patch v1.01
Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Digital Patch v1.01

Change Log:
*New: Added the big historical castle of Baranow, with interior and rich detail, a perfect place for battles.
*New: Reworked the environment objects for the most missions of German campaign.
*New: Around 20 new multiplayer missions added.
*New: Long distance firing sight added to StuG III tank.
*New: Various new animations of infantry introduced.
*New: Added a new module for the aircraft terrain view.
*New: New system of disarming the mines.

*Fixed: Various crashes, especially when buildings were demolished.
*Fixed: Various errors and crashes of the German campaign.
*Fixed: Various errors of the tank system.
*Fixed: Several small technical fixes of the infantry.
*Fixed: Updates and fixes of the Russian campaign.

*Fixed: Corrections of weapons, proved necessary after further tests of the testers.
*Fixed: Fixed the work of anti-tank rocket in the multiplayer.
*Fixed: Various buildings fixes.
*Fixed: Small custcenes errors.
*Fixed: Panzerschreck ballistics.

*Updated: 15 multiplayer missions updated, updated the Blitzkrieg gametype.
*Updated: Small fixes of Baranow and Staszow map.