Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of over 42 billion and operating profit of 2 billion as of 2010. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones: its global device market share was 23% in the second quarter 2011.

Sony Ericson

The company's global management is based in Hammersmith, London, and it has research and development teams in Lund, Tokyo, Mexico City, Beijing, and Redwood Shores in the US. By 2009, it was the fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world after Nokia, Samsung and LG. The sales of products largely increased due to the launch of the adaptation of Sony's popular Walkman and Cyber-shot series. In 2010, its market share had fallen to sixth place.


Samsung Telecommunications is one of five business units within Samsung Electronics, belonging to the Samsung Group, and consists of the Mobile Communications Division, Telecommunication Systems Division, Computer Division, MP3 Business Team, Mobile Solution Centre and Telecommunication R&D Centre. Telecommunication Business produces a full spectrum of products from mobiles and other mobile devices such as MP3 players and laptop computers to telecommunication network infrastructure. Headquarters is located in Suwon, South Korea.


The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled Smartphone marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was unveiled by Apple's then-CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007, and released on June 29, 2007. The 5th generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was announced on October 4, 2011, and released on October 14, 2011, two days after the release of iOS 5.0, the Apple operating system for handheld devices.


BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and Smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) since 1999. BlackBerry devices are smartphones, designed to function as personal digital assistants, portable media players, internet browsers, gaming devices, and much more. They are primarily known for their ability to send and receive (push) e-mail and instant messages while maintaining a high level of security through on-device message encryption. Blackberry devices support a large variety of instant messaging features, including BlackBerry Messenger.


HTC Corporation formerly High Tech Computer Corporation is a Taiwanese manufacturer of Smartphone. The company initially made Smartphone based mostly on Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system (OS) software, but in 2009 it began to shift its core focus away from Windows Mobile devices to devices based on Android OS and in 2010 to Windows Phone OS as well. HTC is also a member of the Open Handset Alliance, a group of handset manufacturers and mobile network operators dedicated to the advancement of the Android mobile device platform. The HTC Dream, marketed by T-Mobile in many countries as the T-Mobile G1 or Era G1 in Poland, was the first phone on the market to use the Android mobile device platform.


LG Electronics Korean Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance Manufacturer has started mobile appliance business since 1996. Formerly known as LG Information & Communication Co. (LGIC), which former GoldStar Telecommunication Company successor, build the first Korean made CDMA phones for Korean consumer market, and later it merged to Mother Company as department and start GSM division for export based mobile phone business. In 2002, LG UMTS Mobile division demonstrates the World first WCDMA Video Telephony at Korean-Japan World Cup Game Opening Ceremony, the nominal growth of Mobile Communication has been started. Currently LG MC Company produce CDMA, GSM, WCDMA products and recent success of design based phone concept series Black Label Series boosted its revenue since 2005.