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Thread: Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

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    Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

    I have downloaded and installed Max Payne 3 today and I did not had any issues with the installation part but when I am trying to join any one then I get an error message saying "Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted." It seems as I have been Blacklisted or banned but I don’t know why. Does that really mean that I have been banned from servers?

    I tried attempting 3 to 4 times but still the same error. Also tried searching some fix online but yet unsuccessful. Could you guys help me out in this ? Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

    Well you don’t need to worry about it friend. Its not anything serious nor you are just alone with this error. The error code mentioned above doesn’t meant that you have been banned or blacklisted. Usually it occurs when you get removed from a session if there might have been some connection issue with your friends or other players on the server. And in such cases you cannot join back immediately because the host session saves the information about the incident. This happens in very rare case and it occurs with players having Closed NAT Type (Type 3) most of the times.

    Anyways you can fix this issue by simply bypassing your router and connect to the modem directly with the help of an Ethernet cable. When you do so the NAT Type will get Open and will help you in improving the connection for playing online games. Just try out the same next time and let me know if it is helping.

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    Re: Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

    That’s obsolutely correct ‘NYPD’. Furthermore i would like to add that to remove the blacklist from the server session you host player will require resetting his console. If you are not aware of the host then everyone in the group will have to reset their consoles. When the group members are done with the fix that has been mentioned above, you will just have to restart Max Payne 3. This time you wont be getting any error while joining the Multiplayer. You should not have any such issues further, if at all you face the same again you know what you have to do.

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    Re: Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

    The error that you are receiving is because of the conflict of your connection settings with other players as mentioned above but if you want then you can check out your connection by going through the below options:

    Xbox 360 users need to follow these steps:

    • Go to My Xbox > System Settings > Network Settings > Test Xbox LIVE Connection and select "more info". Now it will let you know whether you are having open, moderate or strict NAT type. The details of these types are as followed:
    • OPEN- You are allowed to play games with any other NAT type.
    • MODERATE: You are allowed to play games with open or moderate NAT types.
    • STRICT: You are allowed to play only against open NAT types.

    For PS3, go through this:

    • Go to Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Test to know your NAT type. The details of the NAT types are as followed:
    • Type 1- This is said to be one of the most open NAT types where one is connected to the internet directly.
    • Type 2- This is same as that of Type 1 but here one is connected to the internet through router.
    • Type 3 – This is the least open of the NAT types

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    Re: Multiplayer Error ‘Join Failed Failure: Blacklisted’ in Max Payne 3

    If you want to get more open NAT type with your router then you can try out doing portforwarding which means configuring ports with a static IP, so if you are willing to get the same then you can try out the below steps:

    Assuming that you are having the latest version of firmware for your router just Unplug your router and plug the same again after waiting for around 10 minutes, after that make sure that you are Disabling firewall and other network filtering that you might be using for the game for this while and disable uPnP on the console settings.

    When you are done with the same then you can enable DMZ on your router which will disable all router's firewall features, now use a "Xbox LIVE compatible" router and get the DNS settings from your isp. If at all you are having a combination modem/router unit or ADSL then you can try out bypassing the router by setting the unit to "Bridge Mode". If everything goes well then you should not have any issues further and you should be able to connect a second router for dialing PPPoE connection between the combination unit and your console.

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