I found here some people sharing bugs they faced while playing Max Payne 3. Well you will be surprised or laugh after watching these videos with few funny and some weird bugs i found on Youtube. Lets have look:

1. Milk Crate Bug:
In this video, as you can see, Max fell in the milk create but he is unable to get out of it. Lol
Check this.

2. Infinite Health Bug, no one can kill me.
No matter how many are firing on me. Am not gonna die.
Check this

3. Floating Cigar Bug:
Max Payne wants to have some smoke, but cigar is floating in the air. Wish there is no spirit
Check this

4. Zombie Bug:

Zombie doesn’t moves, not attacking Max, Max can go through him, bullets even don’t effect it.
Check this

5. Painkiller Bug:
Max took a pain killer and fell through the floor. Was it really a floor ?
Check this

6.Invisible Airport Bug:
Max is in airport but its seems like open ground. Where is the Airport ?
Check this

7. Killed dead Bodies Bug:
Even after Max kills anyone, we can notice the dead bodies are still twitching
Check this