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Thread: Max Payne 3 Health Glitch Bug

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    Max Payne 3 Health Glitch Bug

    DAMN, after all even Max Payne 3 also has a Glitch or Bug, whatever we call it. I am playing the game on PS3 in Multiplayer mode. You will be surprised after listening that my 100 bullets are unable to kill an opponent but his just 10 bullets kills me easily. Not with just one or 2 opponents, it happens with every one i try to kill. No matter how much i fire, their health remains the same, but my health gets finished as soon as they fire 5 to 7 bullets.

    This is just ridicules and Rockstar should fix the same as soon as possible. Now i dont know how to record a video, also i dont want to record it because amvery much annoyed and already quit playing it. But just for you guys reference, am sharing a YouTube video with very much similar issue that am facing. Just have a look:

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    Re: Max Payne 3 Health Glitch Bug

    Hey thats exactly i am facing on my PC console. I started getting this in chapter #7 just after we talk a stranger in the brothel. As soon as i finish talking with him, i founded my self surrounded by enemies. Since than am not able to kill anyone though i hide and fire on any one of them. They just turn around and kill me easily. First i thought its just me facing this problem, hence i re-installed and started playing again. but still the same problem.

    But thanks to you G-One for sharing the video. Finally i got to know that it is a bug and am not the one with it. So, are the developers working on this ?

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