Samsung Galaxy SIII is one best Smartphone that is also named as the very strong competitor of HTC One X. Galaxy S3 Comes with high end specifications and some new great features which we had not seen before. Lets have a look at these six new features that Samsung packed with its revolutionary smartphone Galaxy S3:

Smart Stay:

Smart Stay is one of biggest feature of Samsung Galaxy S III. With this application, your smartphone follows your eyeballs. It tracks down till time out of screen. To use this application you should keep time out for 15 seconds or 30 seconds. This is best application for reader.

Smart Stay may not work properly in these situations:

  • Front camera failed to detect Face
  • It cannot work in dark environment
  • Or if your front camera is in use with any other application, for example Video Chat

S Voice:

We all know about iOS revolutionary feature, called Siri. S Voice one of the best competitors for the same. It responds to your words: you can tell it to keep alarm and even you can click photo. It is an intelligent personal assistant application for Samsung Galaxy S3 users. This application has similar function like Siri on the iPhone. It is capable to answer your questions and command.

Wireless charging:

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first to provide Wireless Charging. You just need a Wireless Charging Kit to charge your smartphone without connecting cord.

Hand Sweep:

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 has its own function and method for every task. If you want to take screenshot you just need to swipe your hand horizontally across the screen in place of pressing button or doing any other thing. You don't even need to touch your screen. This feature will be very easy than pressing button because this device has 4.8-inch screen although the gesture might be difficult to tapping on screen.

Pop Up Play:

With the Pop Up Play application you can watch a video in small window when you are working with other application. You can work in different app and watch video simultaneously. Pop Up Play cannot be resized, this is very irritating. Samsung trying to improve this application with their next update.

Double Tap:

Double Tap function is introduced first time in Smartphone Sector with Galaxy S3. It functions same as tapping the status bar at the top of the display of the iPhone or iPad. To use Double Tap you need to Double Tap on Samsung Galaxy S III to view latest of contacts or email messages. This application works only with contacts or email messages and Developer not Confirmed with third party applications.