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Thread: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

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    Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    Hey guys, need some help. I just received my copy of Max Payne 3. Very excited to play the game. I tried installing it on my Windows 7 system, but getting error saying unable to install. I guess the problem is with my Antivirus, i.e. Norton Internet Security. It is actually detecting the installer (maxpayne3.exe) as a virus. Is it really i virus ? I dont think so.

    I even tried installing the game after disabling the Norton, this time i dont get any error but the installer just freezes. What should i do, please help.

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    Re: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    Well few security suites such as AVG 7.5, Nod32 and Norton Internet security usually create problems related to any game. In order to get rid of this error, you should completely un-install them from the system. Specially while playing game online or on steam. Alternativey you should can use Microsoft security essentials. Its good for windows 7 and also never interfere with any video game. So just uninstall Norton completely from your PC and try installing the game again. It should work. 8)

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    Re: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    Hello The Patcher, i have a similar problem with Max Payne 3. First i should say that yes, you are correct. Max Payne should be installed after removing the antivirus because even i faced the same problem few hours ago. Even after disabling i was getting error that was saying me to clean my computer. Hence i uninstalled my AVG, and guess what installation was successful with any problem.

    Anyways, my problem starts after the installation. Whenever am trying to run the game, i get an error saying "Run Time Error". What is this ? How can i fix this error ?

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    Re: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    Run time error is related to Microsoft Visual Basic. If can be simply fixed by just installing the Visual C++ on your system. Which operating system are you using ?

    Anyways, Let me consider it Windows 7. If you are using the same than download for 32bit version from here and 64bit version here.

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    Re: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    hey thanks buddy. I think that it worked. I just installed Norton (dint installed any other antivirus yet, will do it after completing the game) and tried installing. There was no error and installation went fine. Thanks a lot.

    I have just saw a cut scene video that comes in the start, and i felt that it was lagging. Is it some another problem ?? FYI, i meet the minimum system requirement of the game So what could be the problem. Can you help me again ? Appreciated.

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    Re: Getting error while installing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7

    There are many reason for lagging or freezing of any high end video games. First of all you should go to the desktop, and kill all background processes that are not required. It will free up your memory that will be used for the game. Lagging will be off. For more info on this and other Max payne 3 problems, checkout this troubleshooting guide:

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