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Thread: Max Payne 3 download size 35GB, better buy DVD copy

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    Max Payne 3 download size 35GB, better buy DVD copy

    As its just less than 24 hours left to the release of one of the best games on PC, Max Payne 3, i would like to inform you guys that you should better go for ordering DVDs instead of downloading the digital content. Because as per the PC requirements released by Rockstar games, Max Payne 3 requires 35GB of your HDD space. I think this is going to be world record in storage requirements.

    Rockstar is launching the game in both DVD and digital copies. The game is said to be released with set of 4 DVD. This proves how heavy the game is. And it should be Max Payne 3 seems to have the best graphics if compared to its previous 2 releases. But that could make the gamers think about the load time it will take with such a huge data, i mean 35GB.

    If we talk about its previous both titles, those were very light game and PCs with very low configurations were also able to load the game very smoothly. Now lets see what happens with Max Payne 3.

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    Re: Max Payne 3 download size 35GB, better buy DVD copy

    OMG, is it really 35GB ? I guess you are talking about the Hard drive installation space required for Max Payne 3. 35GB is too large. What if people using limited bandwidth connection, how can they download the digital copy game? I think such people will need to pay the same amount of the game to their ISPs as well for the bandwidth usage. Also people using unlimited internet connection will need to keep their PCs on for a day or 2 or even get to 3 for downloading the entire game.

    As far as i know, Max Payne 3 consumes 5.5 GB of HDD space on PS3 and 15 GB on Xbox 360. Then why such a huge space for PCs ?

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    Re: Max Payne 3 download size 35GB, better buy DVD copy

    If it is such a heavy game, i am concerned about my system. I mean i have a little decent specs, its not actually a gaming PC but runs few high end games very smoothly. Will i get good graphics on the same system for Max Payne 3 as well? Because as per the trailers and images i have seen so far (like i attached one here), it seems MP3 is far better than first 2 episodes.

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    Re: Max Payne 3 download size 35GB, better buy DVD copy

    if you meet the minimum system requirements announced by the developer, yes your system will run the game comfortably no matter what is it size. Also i would like to comment on its Load time. I can say that once the loaded completely, you wont be getting any problem in the gameplay, i hope so. Also this time you will enjoy the best ever graphics, audio, slow motion effects, etc with Max Payne 3.

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